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Mama June Net Worth: How Much is The ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ Star Worth?

Mama June
Mama June

The show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is famous for her lead character Alana Thompson. But along with that, it is also popular for the appearance of Mama June. June Edith Shannon or well known as Mama June, the matriarch of the Hune family was born on the 10th of August 1979 in McIntyre, Georgia. She was born to parents Sandra Hundley and Marvin Shannon. When Shannon was only two, her parents divorced. She has three siblings Joanne Shannon, Joanie Shannon, and James Edward Shannon. She also has two half-siblings, Michelle Shannon and Nicole Shannon from her parent’s second marriage. June first became pregnant with her daughter Anna when she was only fourteen. After her fifteenth birthday, she gave birth to her and left her high school after Ann’s birth. But she later went ahead to earn her GED after a few years.

She is also a grandmother to three,  Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark, Ella Grace Efird, and Kylee Madison Cardwell. She also has three more daughters namely Jessica, Lauryn, and Alana. When she was a child, she suffered from Cataracts, but as they went untreated, she was legally declared blind. And as an adult, she faced obesity as her greatest challenge. Her highest weight was 460 pounds. For this, she also underwent bariatric surgery, the hand had a part of her stomach removed as part of sleeve gastrectomy. After the surgery in 2016, she lost almost 300 pounds and further lost weight with the help of physicians and dieticians. She also did a cosmetic surgery of around 75000 dollars to enhance her appearance even more. This weight loss journey of hers is the base of her show Mama June: From Not to Hot.

Career and More

Mama June

Mama June

In the year 2012, June and her family, the Shannons were introduced to the television audiences. This was through the TLC reality show Toddlers and Tiaras. Her youngest daughter Alana or Honey Boo Boo occasionally used to compete in beauty pageants for fun, and this show depicted how this mother and daughter duo went through these various events in their lives. This show premiered on the 8th of August 2012, came and ran for four seasons till the year 2014. The season five filming for the show ended very suddenly in the middle. After three years of the release of season four, the rest of the season five episodes were released in the year 2017.

Due to Alana’s cheery personality see instantly became the fan favorite. After that, June’s own show Mama June: From Not to Hot came in the year 2017. The show was based on her weight loss journey. The later seasons of the show record her deteriorating health and legal issues. And also her uncertain relationship with boyfriend Geno Doak. In March 2019, she was arrested along with her boyfriend, Doak for drug possession in Alabama. After this incident, the show’s name changed to Mama June: From Not To Hot to Mama June: Family Crisis.

Her current residence is in Florida. June has also had relationships with men who were later convicted as sex offenders. Her daughters Jessica and Lauryn’s father, Michael Anthony Ford was found guilty for trying to exploit a minor female for oral sex. Her partner Mark McDaniel was convicted of abusing Anna. She also came out as bisexual along with her daughter Lauryn in 2015. During this revelation, she also said that she has been intimate with women but never dated anyone.

Mama June Net worth

Mama June

Mama June

After the show Mama June: From Not To Hot, she gained a lot of popularity and fans. And with that also came a whopping income. But it is not as much as one would think the show’s star would have. Mama June’s net worth sums up to 50 thousand dollars only. Her main income is from the TV shows that she does and also from other filming gigs. One may have not expected her net worth to be only this much. Considering her popularity and fame. She has also spent a little fortune from her income on her cosmetic surgery as well as on her bariatric surgery. Apart from the treatment for her, other health issues also take up a good chunk of her income.

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