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Will There Be Make My Heart Smile Season 2?

Make My Heart Smile
Make My Heart Smile

Make my Heart smile season 2 is a much-asked question after the series was released. The Chinese drama aired on the original network iQiyi. Who doesn’t like youth or the feeling of being young and bubbly? When we are already in our youth, we cherish it the most we can, and after it is gone, we try relatable things to relate to it. Like we miss our school, we often watch high school dramas and let our minds recapitulate the past. We all love and cherish memories, especially of our good young days.

So, if you are looking for something romantic, you’d, lively you came to the right place. This drama is exactly about the youth’s explorations of their dreams and goals. It is a story of young college students who explore their love, life, and career with each other company all this while. The drama is an adaptation of a novel and was highly famous in the country. The series rebuilds our minds in the young ideology and lets us think alike. The drama starring Luo Zheng and Ji Mei Han was released in the iQiyi network and soon after its release got immensely popular, especially amongst the young age group.

Make My Heart Smile

A Still from Make My Heart Smile

Make My Heart Smile Plot Analysis

Make my heart smile is a Chinese drama. It is a story about three different types of couples who together share their youth in finding their right aim. They all have a friend circle of their own and realize what to do with their life. Of course, youth is not easy, with the pros of youth automatically comes the cons as well. The societal pressure, who to do next, peer pressure, and of course, the seesaws in personal life. It is also not that easy being young, right. The career tensions love life balance, heartbreaks, and friendships balance all come in a package, and balancing all at once may not be that easy for all.

Make My Heart Smile

Make My Heart Smile C-Drama

The story of “make my heart smile” revolves around three young couples. Ye Wei Mian and Gu Yan Luo are the main characters of the drama. Along with two other couples who are their friends and all pass this phase of life together deciding what to do next. They all are currently in college, celebrating friendship and love alongside making tough career decisions. Ye Wei Mian and Gu Yan Luo fall in love by accident and pairs up together to make their life a bit happier. Further, Lu Yao and Mu Ze fall in love and becomes a cute loveable quarreling couple. While Zuo Si Chen and Yan Jiu Yue try to figure out their career graphs and dreams.

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Make My Heart Smile Season 2 Release Date

Make My Heart Smile

Chinese drama Make My Heart Smile

The drama was released on 6th February 2021 with a total of 24 episodes in all. After the episodes were broadcasted and the drama was completed, it raised a question instantly if it’ll have a season two or not? The answer to that question is still not sure. It may have a season 2 later this year or in the first of 2022. But the full and final confirmation hasn’t arrived yet. Since the drama got immensely famous and popular amongst the young generation, the drama may come back with a season 2 very soon. It aired on Saturday 6th February on the original network iQiyi. With the duration of each episode being approximately 40 mins. The Chinese drama Make My Heart Smile was adapted from the novel “Xiao Cao Lai Xi, Shen Jing Ya Tou You Dian Tian”.

The cast of Make my Heart Smile

Make My Heart Smile

Chinese Drama Make My Heart Smile

The direction of the drama has been done under Xi Dao. As for the main role Luo Zheng has been cast for the role of Gu Yan Luo. Ji Mei Han has been cast for the role of Ye Wei Mian. In a major support role, we have Leo Li as Lu Yao, Chang Hua Sen as Yan Jiu Yue, Chen He Yi as Mu Ze, Cavan Wen as Zuo Si Chen, Poppy Mai Tong as Xia Yuan Qing, and Liu Yuan Yuan as Fang Mei Mei.

The drama is also popularly known as Thump Thump like you and Pu Tong Pu Tong Xi Huan Ni. The genres of the drama include friendship, romance, school, and youth. Any new update on the drama will be shared, till then, keep watching. You can also watch the drama anytime on iQiyi.

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