Magic Sempai To Get An Anime Adaptation

We are near the end of the year and a new year awaits us. The new year will bring a lot of anime, and there are a lot of interesting picks. When this year’s 49th issue of Kodansha’s Young Magazine came out, it revealed that Magical Sempai would be getting an anime adaptation. AZU’s Magical Sempai (also known as Tejina Senpai) will have a television anime adaptation, and it will premiere in 2019.

The series is going to be directed by Fumiaki Usui (episode director for Chaos;HEAd, Spice and Wolf, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II).

Magical Sempai

Magic Sempai Anime Adaptation

The series will be produced at LIDEN FILMS. Rintarou Ikeda (Love and Lies, Hakyū Hōshin Engi, Love Tyrant scripts) is both writing, and he is also looking over the scripts of the series. The characters will be designed by Eriko Itō (Love and Lies, Poco’s Udon World) and he is also serving as the chief animation director. The official website also revealed a key visual. Here is the key visual-

Here is how the series is described as—

“I encountered her … a cute, but ‘weird’ sempai!” Magic-loving but stage-fright-addled, this sempai comes with a failure rate of 100%—but you can’t take your eyes off her! The off-color, magical gag manga that’s caused an uproar all over Japan is finally here! Here’s to non-athletic hobbies!”

The manga was launched in Young Magazine back in February 2016. Kodansha published the fourth volume of the manga in Japan in September 2017. The fifth volume of the series will be shipped on Tuesday. It is a very good series, and you should give it a go if you’re looking for something different.

If you want to change genres for some time, then I’d recommend reading Magical Sempai. It will definitely be worth the time that you invest in the manga. Or if you are an anime person, then you can wait for the anime adaptation of the same.

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