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Magia Record Season 2 Episode 6: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Magia Record Season 2

The Magical Girl vs. Magius begins with Magia Record Season 2 Episode 6 with the likes of Yochiya, Kuroe, and Iroha saving the girls from getting consumed by the Doppel. This episode will be released on the weekend. Magia Record Season 2 reveals the 2nd arc of the battle between Magius and the Magical girls. From the latest episode of Magia Record Season 2, Yachyio and Kuroe managed to save Iroha and find the side effects of Doppel and the girls that got captured to get freed from that fate. At the Magius HQ, the girls cooked for the team and heard a message coming from the HQ.

Sana told Felicia that they should return to Mikazuki Villa and Felicia replies that she is not going back until she finds out how to not turn into a Witch. The higher-ups reveal that they have an announcement about the upcoming Embryo EVE Awakening Plan. Their Grand plan is to expand the Doppel System beyond Kamihama and worldwide; the girls realize that they are not aware of this plan. Felicia asks Sana about the Em-Eve since she can’t pronounce it correctly. Sana replies that she has no clues and it might be a new Uwasa.

The higher-ups add that the Eve Awakening plan will begin tomorrow afternoon and get the full details. But it is impossible what will happen in Kamihama, and they must be sure to have their friends and family take refuge in an Uwasa.  Tsuruno arrives at the hall, and the girls wonder where she has been. They are surprised to see Tsuruno acting weird. Tsuruno moves forward while saying the Magical Girls must get saved. Her appearance begins to change. The episode title is ”I Won’t Forgive Anybody.”

Previously on Magia Record Season 2 Episode 5

Iroha and Kubei head somewhere when the girls are sleeping and leave with Kuroe.  Iroha apologies for leaving without saying a word. But she wanted to handle things on her own without getting anyone involved. Kuroe insists that she is coming with Iroha and she won’t disappoint her. Iroha agrees, and Kuroe realizes it will be dangerous, but they will help each other as friends. Kuroe talked about their friendship and the hardships that they have been through. Iroha holds Kuroe’s hand and told her that she is stronger when she is around her. They both run away, with Kubei leading the way.


Meanwhile, in another room, they realize Uwasa of the Infinity Hospital Beds. The girls are sleeping on top of the beds, and something is coming out of their heads. The workers talked about the evacuation for a family of the Wings of the Magius. One of the hooded girls comments that they are taking energy for raising the Witches. Some are against the Magius since there is nothing wrong with them. The second girl adds that they are having ordinary people for the sake of Magil Girls.

Kuroe forms a partnership with Iroha as they continue her search; Sana and Felicia encounter Kyouko, who attempts to steal Grief Seeds from the Magius. Touka reveals her motives to lure in all the Witches in a 200km radius to revive an Artificial Witch named ”Embryo Eve” and spread the Doppel system across the world. Kyouko’s team finds themselves standing before” Embryo Eve”, where they come to meet Mafuyu and learn about  Iroha. As Touka and Nemu lure Witches towards Kamihama, including Walpurgisnacht, Kuroe told Iroha to go ahead. Kuroe decides to remain behind to hold back the Feathers with her Doppel form.


Magia Record-Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date

Magia Record-Season 2 Episode 6 will be released on 5 September 2021, at 12:55 AM. This anime is remaining with two episodes to conclude the third arc is TBA. Magia Record Season 2 will complete 2nd season soon, but the upcoming season will be announced online. Look at the Magia-Record Season 2 official details below.

Where To Watch Magia Record-Season 2 Episode 6

You can watch Magia Record-Season 2 Episode 6 online on Funimation, Crunchyroll. The updates of the 3rd season will be officially announced online on Twitter and the website. Magia Record Season 2 is available online on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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