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Spoilers & Preview: Mad for Each Other Episode 6

When is Mad for Each Other Episode 13 releasing?
Mad for Each Other Cover Poster featuring Noh Hwi Oh and Lee Min Kyung (Credit: Kakao TV)

The latest offering of KakaoTv, Mad for Each Other, is not only short but also humorous. The unlikely pair, one who gets annoyed at everything that takes place and the other with the habit of easily making angry others are bringing a unique romance for the audience. But, can the pair heal each other and fall in love, or time will separate them from their problems? Well, the questions remain to get seen with the series still going on. Mad for Each Other episode 6 release date is one of the most anticipated for seeing how the romance between the unlikely pair fares. Furthermore, they always get in fights with each other whenever they meet.

One can turn over to Mad for Each Other if someone is for a short drama with some cute and funny fighting scenes. Oh Yeon So and Jung Woo is taking the leads for the series. There is also a well-pitched balance between fighting, avoiding, bickering, pleading moments between the lead couple. The characters are also likeable despite their issues. The drama is all about the lead characters covering their own problems and struggles with the help and care of each other. One will become the development for the other and the likewise. 

Mad for Each Other: The Story So Far

Mad for Each Other starts with rain in Seoul and a radio host announcing the same thing. Well, the characters get introduced and what shaped them into their present form. In the first episode, the main hero, Noh Hwi-Oh, keeps on ranting about his bad luck and everything. He was on his way to see a Psychiatrist. It seems he keeps on getting angry at everything that happens with him. The Psychiatrist determines him to have PTSD after listening to him. On the other hand, we also see his run-in with the heroine, Lee Min-Kyung. She also happens to be in the same building for therapy sessions and is paranoid. Min-Kyung thought Hwi-Oh was following her and, as a result, shut the elevator door to the top on his face.

Mad for Each Other Episode 6 Release date

A glimpse from episode one of Mad for Each Other Episode 1

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Later on, Min-Kyung and Hwi-Oh ended up at the police station. They both believe themselves to be true and keeps on accusing one another of an incident. Furthermore, they keep on fighting and not willing to let go of another. In fact, they also fought outside the police station and took each other’s videos and photos as evidence. Then, we came to know Hw-Oh’s story as to how he has issues of anger management and got fired as a detective for the same reason. Revelation also takes place as to how Min-Kyung ended up the way becoming a hysteria and paranoid person. 

Furthermore, the heroine has a unique sense of dressing. It is not because she likes the same thing, but to keep people away from her. Episode 3 features her reason for turning up her as keeping distance from people. The show also depicts the two main leads encounters with each other despite their mood swings, problems, and arguments. Their love story is yet to take place in the drama.

Mad for Each Other Episode 6: Release Date

Mad for Each Other Episode 6 release date is June 02, 2021, at 3:30 p.m K.S.T on Daum Kakao TV. So, we only have a few hours left for the streaming of the upcoming episode. The episode is coming on tomorrow, Wednesday. The whole season consists of thirteen episodes. After the airing of episode six, only six more episodes will be left to go down. The run-time for each episode is thirty minutes only. Furthermore, the releasing time zones of the episodes for different countries are different. There is no preview available for the upcoming episode as of writing. Moreover, it was only a few hours that the previous episode, the fifth one came out. 

Mad for Each Other Episode 6: How to Watch it Online?

Mad for Each Other Episode 6 is exclusively available on the Netflix platform for international streaming. It streams on the Kakoa Tv for Korean nationals. Other than that, there are several unofficial sites wherein the series can be found for watching. The series does not air on any television network as of now. 

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