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Spoilers & Preview: Mad For Each Other Episode 13

When is Mad for Each Other Episode 13 releasing?
Mad for Each Other Cover Poster featuring Noh Hwi Oh and Lee Min Kyung (Credit: Kakao TV)

Mad For Each Other episode 13 release date and preview is eagerly expected as viewers are curious to know what will go down in the last episode. Well, we will get to watch at last whether the maddening couple will finally be together or not. The last episode of Mad For Each Other left a deep impact showcasing how violence and anger management issues can be a problem in the relationship. Furthermore, the effect it leaves on the mind and life of the people is everlasting. Episode 12 exactly showed the something and the impact it left on Min Kyung’s heart. 

There is a big misunderstanding going on between the leading couple. One unable to trust the other, and the other getting too much angry over Min Kyung’s issue. Furthermore, Min Kyung was only recently able to heal herself from one toxic relationship. That too, with the help of Hwi Oh. But, the same person, now showed her his violent side. Will she be able to accept the same at last or not? However, domestic abuse surely leaves a strain on everyone’s mind. Episode 12 did surely proved the same. 

Furthermore, the main question is whether Hwi Oh gets control over his anger issues. His anger is the only problem coming in his job and every relationship. Hwi Oh and Min Kyung getting mad and shouting at each other does justify the title of the series, Mad For Each Other. But, can their madness maintain a relationship forever? Will the lead characters developed and grow covering their personal problems, or their past will come and interfere with every time in their lives? Now, let’s know in details when the upcoming episode will release and what it holds for everyone. 

Mad For Each Other Episode 13: Release Date

Mad For Each Other Episode 13 release date is June 23, 2021, at 19:00 KST on KakaoTv. Furthermore, it is the last episode of Mad For Each Other. Thus, there are four days left for the arrival of the final episode. It will premiere on the upcoming week’s Wednesday. Just like all the episodes, there is a particular episode name for episode 13 too. The title of the episode is Goodbye & Hello. Hence, the series is coming to an end in the next week. Thus, only one episode is left to air which will be the finale of the show.

Mad For Each Other Episode 13 Release Date

A glimpse from the Mad For Each Other featuring the lead casts (Credit: Kakao TV)

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Mad For Each Other Episode 13: What will happen?

Mad For Each Other Episode 13 will feature if Lee Min Kyung and Noh Hwi Oh will be together or not. We already saw how their relationship has become problematic and chaotic due to Hwi Oh’s anger issues and Min Kyung’s traumatic experiences. Furthermore, both their exes are creating too many problems for them. As the title of the episode suggests, Goodbye & Hello, both the characters will dismiss some bad things from their life and welcome new things. In another case, Min Kyung and Hwi Oh could get separated for some time but will return to each other after realizing their feelings for each other.

We do have a preview of some sort for the upcoming episode 13. In the preview, we see the violence and anger of Noh Hwi Oh. He is beating Han Pil-Hee badly in one instance. It seems he returns to his detective job and is catching the killer. Even his teammates are congratulating him after he caught a bad guy. Then, we see Min Kyung and her ex-boyfriend sitting together somewhere. Min Kyung returns to her usual self. The pair got seen drawing an agreement wherein both put their signature. It seems Min Kyung has done a deal with him. 

In another instance of the preview, we see how Noh Hwi Oh gets angry after learning something. He went to Min Kyung’s ex-boyfriend and begin shouting at him. However, the ex-boyfriend does not gets out of the car. Rather, he tried to drive away from Hwi Oh that leads to an accident. Hwi Oh is hurt badly. Furthermore, he tries to get up and go after her ex-boyfriend. But, he could not do so as he falls repeatedly. So, will the pair finally be together or time and their issues will separate them? 

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