Spoilers & Preview: Mad for Each Other Episode 11

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Mad for Each Other episode 11
Ongoing South Korean drama, Mad for Each Other

Mad for Each Other Episode 11 Release Date is something we will be dealing with today. The ongoing South Korean drama is going great until now and has gathered quite many fans and viewers for itself. The drama has a total of just 13 episodes and streams on its original network Daum Kakao TV. As the title of the drama suggests Mad For Each other, or it wouldn’t be wrong to say made for each other. The two main leads of the drama find it impossible to stay out of each other’s way. They constantly keep on bumping into each other and even end up becoming next-door neighbors. From just being acquainted slowly and gradually getting to know each other, the drama shows us a thorough process of two people who are in pain and finally finds solace in each other.

The story naturally here also revolves pretty much around the two main characters of the drama. Lee Min Kyung and Noh Hwi Oh are the two people who have their own painful stories engraved in their hearts. Both of them had an easy-going, pretty decent life until one day when people started thinking they have lost it. Both of them are now not only neighbors but also hence share the same psychiatrist.

It is pretty much a short and deep story with elements of humor present from time to time that actually makes it more entertaining to watch as a whole. Starting from a rainy day to not knowing each other, the two people suddenly grew fond of each other over the course of time. The famous rom-com drama is extremely popular and has already got huge viewers lined up for itself. From acting to the presentation, everything about the drama seems to be on spot.

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Mad for Each Other Episode 11 Release Date

Mad for Each Other Episode 11 Release Date is something that strikes our mind next. The famous drama is already going great and is receiving many acclamations for its perfect acting and presentational skills. The story of two people with their own painful story and towards the end holding on to each other is something that we get to see throughout the drama. Not to mention the comedy and the romantic scenes are an add-on treatment for the viewers. So before going any further, let’s look into the release date of the 11th episode. We already know that drama isn’t long and won’t hence stretch for many days. Until now, 9 episodes of the drama have already been aired. This week consecutive three more episodes of the drama will be aired.

Mad for Each Other episode 11 release date
The main lead actress of the drama, Mad for Each Other

Mad for Each Other Episode 11 will release on 15th June 2021, at the 19:00 time slot. The drama airs on its original network Daum Kakao Tv every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It also streams on the global streaming site Netflix along with subtitles. So you can pretty much watch the drama whenever you want. The drama is based on the life of two people and elaborately showcases how their lives turned upside down due to one certain incident in their respective lives. The main lead character of the drama is Lee Min-Kyung, who now has a problem trusting people around her. She has delusions and is compulsive. Moreover, her delusions often make people around her angry.

release date of Mad for Each Other episode 11
The main lead actor of the drama, Mad for Each Other

The second main lead character of the drama is No Hwi Oh. He was a detective and used to have quite a decent life. One sudden incident makes him unable to control his anger, and he then no longer remains the peaceful guy he once used to be. He then started having anger problems and started getting angry at any minute thing. The two even shared a psychiatrist and started growing fond of each other. The two go through the process of healing while getting to know each other and hence falling in love. The direction of the drama has been done under Lee Tae Gon, with the screenwriting under Ah Kyung. The genres of the drama include comedy, romance, and drama. So very soon, the next episodes of the drama will release until then, stay tuned.

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