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Lyborick vs Corps Commander Kallavan In Tower Of God Chapter 522

Tower Of God Chapter 522
Tower Of God Chapter 522

Tower Of God Chapter 522 reveals Lyborick vs. Corps Commander Kallavan that recently began. The game is about to end since both players are about to cross the finish line. Candid felt the breath pressure while Lyborick is impressed by Kallavan’s skills and thinks that earned Kallavan the position of corps commander. But he is not surprised that Kallavan has never changed even though his rank is at another level. Lyborick asks Kallavan to rejoin the army since they have many things to achieve. In Tower Of God’s latest chapter, Lyborick attempts to convince Kallavan to rejoin the army and become a division commander.

He also says that he will give him complete control of the whole division and take care of all duties alone. But he believes that Kallavan might betray Lord Zahard. Kallavan rejects Lyborick’s offers and says he is loyal to Lord Zahard, but he will never abandon his army and cannot stand a corps commander who sends his subordinates to death to achieve his goals. He thinks that Lyborick is unworthy of respect as a soldier, and Lyborick wonders if that is true. Kallavan believes that Kallan will ruin his men soon.

Lyborick believes that the soldiers are needed in a time of need, but he is disappointed that they have lost an important pawn. Kallavan thinks they have also lost someone important, and the lightning Spear Bearer chases Lyboricks. Candidy notices that he grabbed it and thinks it is fantastic. Yu Hansung says it is  Incredible; Kallavan says that the weapon will never threaten him. Lyborick admits that Kallavan is good at throwing a spear, but it was a reckless attack and asks if Kallavan is underestimating him.

Previously on Tower Of God Chapter 521

He also said that Kallavan would pay since he has used his skill to get to his position, and Kallavan will regret it. Lyborick thinks Commander Kallavan earned his position through luck, and a guy with no origins cannot become a Corps Commander like that. He also talked about the dirty works he does and why his rank is low, and that he is the suitable guy to hold that position. Yu Hansung call Kallavan and Candidy also shout Commander Kallavan. Meier notices something and says he is strong and their Corps Commander.

Tower Of God Chapter 522

Tower Of God Chapter 522

Kallavan talks about the lightning spear technique and how to use it. Lyborick asks him if he says that his spear is weaker than the lightning spear technique. Kallavan denies that and says Lyborick is more potent than an average lightning spear bearer. But he is not a natural-born lightning spear bearer. He also talked about firepower and that Lyborick bears the electric attribute. Kallavan apologizes for underestimating Lyborick, and Lyborick tells him that he will not hold back despite hearing that.

Kallavan says that he is not saying that to make him hold back since he is facing a worthy opponent on his level, and he would not prefer easy revenge since he will destroy him with everything he has. Lyborick reminds him not to believe that he can defeat him. On Bam’s side, inside the Suspendium, Baam was surprised to see the inside. Khun notices a bunch of floating stones, and Bam reminds them what Princess Maschenny told them to find. Bam thinks that there is something below them. Bam heard someone talking about lending him powers and told Khun that someone was calling him. He heard a voice saying they could take their revenge on Lo Po Bia.

Tower Of God Chapter 522 Release Date

Tower Of God Chapter 522 will be released on 19 December 2021. Khun wonders if something is wrong, and Bam says he thought he heard someone. Aria wonders if there is someone and tells Bam to stop sacring her. Rak thinks that Bam hears a voice of an enemy, and they decided to move. Yorari thinks they underestimated him since he is strong and not just a regular who can beat a ranker. Orari suggests chasing them, and the soldier screams. Let’s look at Tower Of God Chapter 522 official details.

Tower Of God Chapter 522

Tower Of God Chapter 522

Read Tower Of God Chapter 522 Online – Raw Details

You will be able Tower Of God Chapter 522 on various websites. Orari asks the soldier what he is doing, and the soldier apologizes. But he wonders if the soldier is a ranker and how he got inside the ship since he cannot fly. He lost sight of the irregular, and the SIU talks about drawing a webtoon. Tower Of God Chapter 522 spoiler will arrive this coming weekend. Let’s meet Tower Of God Chapter 522 is released.

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