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Lupin The Third Part 6: What Do We Know?


The fans of ‘Lupin The Third’ are extremely hyped up and excited to find out that a sixth part of the animated television and web series will be released this year! As we already know, ‘Lupin The Third’ is originally a Japanese manga comic series that was written by Monkey Punch. He had illustrated the manga comic series, as well. The ‘Lupin The Third’ manga comic series began publishing in the ‘Weekly Manga Action’ magazine that was created by Futabasha. By 2004, the manga comic series had been segregated into fourteen separate volumes. Since the first manga comic series was extremely successful, the ‘Lupin The Third’ manga series was accompanied by a large number of spin-off manga comic series, light novel series, and a bunch of motion pictures. They were titled ‘Lupin The Third: New Adventures’, ‘Shin Lupin The Third’, ‘Lupin The Third: World’s Most Wanted’, and a lot more! Due to immense growth and popularity, the manga comic series was rumored to get adapted into an Anime series.

On the 24th of October, back in 1971, ‘Lupin The Third’ began airing the first part of the animated television and web series. Being directed by the great Masaaki Osumi, and then later, by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, the first part of the ‘Lupin The Third’ animated television and web series ran for twenty-three episodes. Eventually, over the years, the official producers had released five parts of the animated series. On the 25th of May, in 2021, the TMS production house announced the release of ‘Lupin The Third: Part 6’ to be in this year’s Fall. The crew is made up of talented artists such as Eiji Suganuma, who will be directing this part of the animated television and web series, while Yuji Ohno will be handling the official soundtrack of the series. Set to be released this year itself, ‘Lupin The Third: Part 6’ will be broadcasted worldwide on various channels such as MBS TV, SUN TV, Tokyo MX, BS11, BS NTV, AT – X, BS TV, and a lot more! A large number of online platforms and websites will also be streaming this Anime television and web series.

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The official teaser trailer of ‘Lupin The Third: Part 6’

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What is the main plot of ‘Lupin The Third’?

The main plot of the ‘Lupin The Third’ animated television and web series revolves around the shenanigans of the protagonist of the series, known as Arsène Lupin III. Arsène was the world’s greatest thief. Thievery and stealing ran down in his family. Arsène was so confident about his stealing skills that he would send a card to the owners of the precious object that he was about to steal, saying that he is going to take it away! Arsène’s best friend was Daisuke Jigen, who was able to accurately shoot any target, under just a second. 

Even though it is usually just Arsène and Daisuke working together, they are frequently joined by a skillful swordsman known as Goemon Ishikawa XIII and a seductive woman who can lure and attract any man called Fujiko Mine. Arsène really liked Fujiko and would often steal precious and expensive things for her to keep her happy and impressed. Nonetheless, this entire gang was being chased by Inspector Koichi Zenigata of Interpol, who would run around the entire world just to get a hold of Arsène.


The Official Poster Of ‘Lupin The Third: Part 6’, C(TMS Entertainment)

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‘Lupin The Third: Part 6’ Release Date

The official producers of ‘Lupin The Third: Part 6’ have not yet given us the release date of the animated television and web series. All that we know is that ‘Lupin The Third: Part 6’ will be released sometime in October of 2021. Although, it is not yet sure as to how many episodes this season of the animated series will include.

The script of the series is being written by the talented Takahiro Ohkura. Nonetheless, the opening theme song and the ending theme song of the ‘Lupin The Third: Part 6’ animated television and web series have not been revealed to the audience as of yet. 

Where can you watch ‘Lupin The Third: Part 6’?

‘Lupin The Third: Part 6’ will be available for you to watch on online platforms and websites such as Netflix and Adult Swim once it gets released! 

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