Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 Episode 11: Ray J And A1 Drama

So in Season 5 and Episode 11 of Love And Hip Hop Hollywood, you are in for more drama! This takes place between Ray J and A1. We see in the Episode preview that Ray J claims that he’s throwing A1 out of the team. The event traces post developments of Lyric and Safaree (alleged) affair. Apparently, Ray has found a new mate to replace A1 in no time. He teases at Roccstar’s inclusion in the team as a replacement to A1. And as we know from the past experiences, A1 and Roccstar do not get along well. In the past, A1 and Roccstar had production feuds with each other. It sure looks like Roccstar, and Ray J will leave no stone unturned to hurt A1 his time around.

So about Lyrica and Safaree’s affair, Lyrics has vehemently denied any sort of romantic involvement with Safaree. Safaree didn’t say much on his part, looks like he wants to stay quiet. So then, Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend on being asked didn’t clear the air either. And all of this led A1’s wrath on Raj J. Things seem pretty unstable for the two at the moment. On the other hand, Roccstar’s inclusion in the group wasn’t that easy a task. Solo Lucci was initially hesitant to accept him but did so only after Ray introduced him properly. And as for Markus, he still isn’t convinced with Ray J’s plan and refuses to go ahead with it.

LAHHH Season 5 Release Date

Roccstar in an interview recently said that A1 had a gastric bypass. He also teased of some additional information on Lyrica which Markus wanted to extract out of him.

LAHHH Season 5 Episode 11: Spoilers

The episode 5 of LAHHH is officially titled as “Bad Grandmas.” So what happens in LAHHH was weird. Lyrica G we see spending time during the weekend with A1’s mother Pam at a beach house. The two haven’t exactly been the best of friends. Their poor equation dates back to the time when A1 accused Lyrica of cheating with Safaree. Back in London, fresh hell is created by Brooke. She never could keep his mouth shut in the first place, so she dishes on another one’s love life, Nikki.

We also saw Apple Watts in a therapy session. Apple opens up about her experience in Foster homes and her daddy issues. It’s not only Apple but her father too who’s present in the session. Finally, the end question that haunts her is why her dad left her, why she was left in Foster homes when her dad could have taken care of her. We then cut to Paris and her bathing session in London. Ladies are prepping for royal tea and hence getting ready for the same. The next episode premieres on October 26′ 2018 and remains officially untitled.

LAHHH Season 5: Cast
The Series that traces lives of members as Hollywoods elites stars:
K. Michelle
Teairra Marí
Moniece Slaughter
Nikki Mudarris
Brooke Valentine
Lyrica Anderson
A1 Bentley
Princess Love

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