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Spoilers and Preview: Lone Star Law Season 9 Episode 11

Spoilers and Preview: Lone Star Law Season 9 Episode 11
Elderly Couple alongside Dustin Delgado - credit Animal Planet

Lone Star Law has been following up with the Texas Game Wardens even with the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. We follow up with a few other Wardens as they venture into the Texas Counties to try and keep the citizens and wildlife safe. In this episode, we will head into four counties namely, Orange County, Limestone County, Galveston, and Val Verde County. The Texas Game Wardens in focus in this episode are Clint Caywood and Raj Ataya in Orange County, Dustin Delgado in Limestone County, Jennifer Provaznik in Galveston and; Ally Hatten and Beau Hester in Val Verde County.

Lone Star Law Season 9 Episode 10 Recap

Lone Star Law Season 9 Episode 10 titled “Caught in the Crossfire” sees the Texas Game Wardens maintain Law and Order in four Counties:

Orange County

Spoilers and Preview: Lone Star Law Season 9 Episode 11

Clint Caywood and Raj Ataya – credit Animal Planet

Here at command are Texas Game Wardens, Clint Caywood and Raj Ataya. As they patrol the waters, they conduct routine checks on a forthcoming boat. They had made some violations including drinking but considering that the driver still had his senses, they were given a verbal warning and no citations. Later they head out to the land where they find two men and a woman doing something suspicious. They had no fishing licenses yet were trying to catch them. The Wardens get their IDs and ask them to be honest regarding any past occurrences. They are given citations for fishing without a license, a fine for which was to be decided by the judge. At the end of the episode, we find out that they never appeared so an arrest warrant was issued

The Wardens are called in by radio for a boat with an injured man. They were headed to Lottie’s boat ramp where a man on board got his finger cut off. The man was in shock and on questioning we found out that it was an accident while jumping off the boat.

Limestone County

We follow up with Dustin Delgado who at the very beginning of his patrol catches two men as they claim they were scouting for their hunt. But considering they even had drink containers open and also admitted to having drunk. He gave them a citation for having open containers on a running motor vehicle. Elsewhere, an old couple’s home gets fired at night. The bullet had come from one of the neighbouring homes, who had been hunting hogs at night. Unable to find anything in the night, Dustin returns back in the morning when he gets the info. On following up on it, a man admits to shooting hogs around that time range. He is given a citation for the discharge of fire beyond property lines.


Jennifer Provaznik – credit Animal Planet

Jennifer Provaznik after walking her dog goes to check on crab hunting. A crab that is caught cannot be more than 5 inches while one which was to be baked could have a 5% decrease in size. On her patrol, she finds a family fishing for crabs. They had no fishing licenses therefore they got a warning. The child is under 17, was legally allowed to fish but that wasn’t the case for the family.

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Val Verde County

Here, Ally Hatten and Beau Hester patrol the Devil’s River on their Kayaks. This is a 19-mile untouched clean river that is illegal to be littered. It is their job to make sure that visitors keep the place clean. At night, they again head for a patrol where they find a camp. They had all the necessary resources therefore the Wardens soon left.

Spoilers and Preview: Lone Star Law Season 9 Episode 11

Devil’s River

When will Lone Star Law Season 9 Episode 11 Release?

Lone Star Law Season 9 Episode 11 titled “Guns and Meth” is set to be released on 21st March 2021. The episodes by Lone Star Law are released at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT every Sunday. Make sure to change the above time to your local time zone to watch the episode when it airs. You can watch the episodes by Lone Star Law on Animal Planet or Discovery Channel when they air. You may even stream them on their websites or on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, Sky TV, Vudu, FuboTV and DirecTV.

Lone Star Law Season 9 Episode 11 Preview

Ben and Chelsea Bailey

Lone Star Law Season 9 Episode 11 titled “Guns and Meth” will follow up with Ben and Chelsea Bailey. They both are husband and wife while also being Texas Game Wardens. During their routine check, they uncover some illegal drugs. Elsewhere, in another country, a general crime gets committed as certain civilians trespass and get caught in a dangerous restricted area. Lastly, Texas Game Warden, James Cummings has a difficult situation at hand as he tries to trace and track down a man who was threatening to harm himself.

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