Lee Seol Tries To Kill Joon Hyuk In ‘Artificial City’ Episode 16

Lee Seol kills Joon Hyuk
Lee Seol kills Joon Hyuk

After trusting and treating Lee Seol like a sister, Jae Hee finds out that she is Young Joo’s roommate. Also, she is the one who has Joon Hyuk’s baby. Jae Hee discovers this fact when she finds Joon Hyuk’s scuffling at Lee Seol’s apartment. Unfortunately, in ‘Artificial City’ episode 16, Lee Seol is kidnapped and assaulted by Han Suk.

The next day, she is dropped outside Jae Hee’s house with a warning not to get involved in the Donh-hong scandal. Even so, she is sure that her mother-in-law is behind this. When she confronts Lee Seol about her illegitimate child, she assures her that she is a well-wisher. However, as she is not able to handle the pain anymore, she tries to kill Joon Hyuk.

‘Artificial City’ Episode 15 Recap

Till now, we have seen that Jae Hee finds out that Joon Hyuk and Lee Seol have a past. Joon Hyuk tries to seduce Lee Seol, but it does not go as per his expectation. This creates a gap between Jae Hee and Lee Seol, but she wins her trust back. Lee Seol tells Jung-ho that she wants to protect Jae Hee and will leave once she divorces her husband. Her roommate, before dying, collected all the evidence against Joon Hyuk and Lee Seol decided to continue her work.

Jae Hee organizes a talk concert for her husband to build his reputation. However, she is annoyed to see the on-stage chemistry between him and Lee Seol. Till now, no one other than Pil Seung knows about Joon Hyuk’s real son. When he digs deeper into the matter, he finds out that the child is dead. He loses control and tells Joon Hyuk about his son. Still, he doesn’t seem to care, but Jae Hee knows the truth. On the other hand, Jae Hee’s sister-in-law Joo Yeon is plotting against Joon Hyuk. She meets with the Jong Pil and asks him to side with her instead of Jae Hee. In exchange, she promises to make him the next President.

Joon Hyuk's child
Joon Hyuk’s child

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Lee Seol Is Assaulted

Mr. Cho comes to meet Jae Hee late at night to tell her about her sister-in-law’s conspiracy. While revealing her plan, Mr. Cho also tells Jae Hee that it was not Young Joo who had Joon Hyuk’s baby but her roommate. When Jae Hee hears about this, she starts to connect the dots and finally discovers that Lee Seol is the woman who had Joon Hyuk’s baby. Jung-ho tries to comfort Jae Hee, but she does not want to hear anything.

‘Artificial City’ Episode 16 Preview

Lee Seol is kidnapped by a stranger, and no one notices it for a long time. Later, Dong-min calls Jae Hee and tells her that he is not able to reach Lee Seol. While they are still on the phone, someone rings the bell, and when Jae Hee opens the door, she finds Lee Seol lying outside unconscious. Lee Seol is assaulted by the goons who want Jae Hee not to talk about the Dong-hong redevelopment scandal. After this, Jae Hee concludes that her mother-in-law is giving her the warning to stay in line.

Artificial City episode 16
Artificial City episode 16

‘Artificial City’ Episode 16 Release Date

The ‘Artificial City’ episode 16 will release on 27th January 2022. Jae Hee starts acting out as she does not want Han Suk to control her. She directs her husband to clear out the situation with his siblings. Whereas she talks to Lee Seol again. No matter how hard Jae Hee tries to gather the CCTV footage, no camera in the area has it. Because of this, she cannot prove that Han Suk planned Lee Seol’s assault. On the other hand, she tells Joon Hyuk that she knows about his illegitimate child.

Where To Watch ‘Artificial City’ Episode 16?

The South Korean drama ‘Artificial City’ is a television series broadcast by the jTBC channel. People living in South Korea can watch the upcoming episode of ‘Artificial City’ on the official network. As for the international fans, they can watch the ‘Artificial City’ episode 16 on the subscription-based website Rakuten Viki.

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