Last Chance U Season 3 Release Date, Trailer

Last Chance U Season 3 Release Date

In this post, we will be talking about Last Chance U Season 3 release date and trailer. Football documentary series Last Chance U season 3 is finally here with new things to offer to its fans. A trailer is now available to watch and it surely is as amazing as before. Same tension, same excitement, same Football documentary show, but with new people to watch for. This season, the show will be featuring a new team from a different school.

Last Chance U season 3 release date

This new season, from East Mississippi Community College, the show will be coming to Independence Community College in Kansas instead. “All of us had felt that we had kind of told the story that we wanted to tell in Scooba,” director Greg Whiteley told SB Nation. “And we were ready to go to another school and see what stories that they had. We were convinced that there would be stories to tell, and we were convinced that they would be good.”

Last Chance U Season 3 Trailer

Independence Community College has a 20-year losing streak and is deemed to be an underdog. Jason Brown will try to fix this problem, as well as get his hair done in the barber shop as well as take some cigar while on a hot tub. “Our phone conversation with him was an all-timer,” Whiteley said of Brown. “He’s a 100 percent hustler in the very best sense of the word. We all just adored him.”

Fans are also excited to meet the badass English Professor, Latonya Pinkard, who will be the one to make sure that the players will not slack off on their school works. Describing herself as a train, you better watch out if you don’t want her to run through you.

Last Chance U Season 3 Release Date

Last Chance U season 3 will debut July 20 on Netflix.

Last Chance U season 3

Players that are highlighted in the trailer are Carlos Thompson, former wide receiver of Texas Tech University, the former University of Michigan running back Kingston Davis, and the former Florida State University quarterback Malik Henry (who outright stated that he doesn’t want to be on Independence).

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