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Landon Mcbroom Girlfriend: Who Is The YouTuber Dating?

Landon Mcbroom Girlfriend:
Landon Mcbroom Girlfriend:

Today we are going to mainly talk about who is Landon Mcbroom’s Girlfriend. We are going to cover many things about the famous American Youtuber. But before we talk much about Landon and his awesome career, we will first throw some light on his love life. Landon Mcbroom is coming from the ACE family. The ACE Family is one of the most famous YouTube channels in the world. They have over 20 million subscribers & 4 billion views. They started to share internet content in 2015 through vlogging, pranks, and so on. ACE Family’s name is derived from the couple’s name- Austin and Catherine, along with Ellie (their daughter). Austin Mcbroom is a professional basketball player and a very famous Youtuber. He has 7 million subscribers on his channel. Just like his elder brother, Landon also made a career through social media marketing. Partnering with his former girlfriend- Shyla Walker.

Recently, there has been much dating news and scandals. Landon Mcbroom is one of them. Many fans have been arguing that whether Landon Mcbroom is single or not?. Landon and Shyla were longtime couples who used to work together. His channel with Shyla was named- This is L&S. Both the Youtubers had amassed over 3 million subscribers together. The Youtube channel had gained lots of popularity all over the internet. Landon was enjoying to work with Shyla and make videos with her. This act made them love each other. Landon’s relationship with Shyla was beautiful for a long time. All the fans used to appreciate them a lot. He met her online, and they became great friends. So what happened which has made Landon Mcbroom’s Girlfriend talk of the town? Let’s see!

Landon Mcbroom's Girlfriend

Landon Mcbroom & Shyla Walker

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Who Is Landon Mcbroom’s Girlfriend? His Former Girlfriend:

Landon Mcbroom is a single and un-married guy. He was in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Shyla Walker. They both first met online in 2016 through Instagram. In 2017, they started their famous channel “This is L&S”. In that very same year, Landon split with Shyla for a brief period before they got reunited again. Landon was not only sharing his professional career with Shyla but also his daughter Soul. Initially, fans realized that both of them were not having a good time together for some reason. Shyla was posting things that infuriated everyone. After five years (2016-2021) of ups and downs, they broke up due to severe consequences. In May 2021, they both parted ways and are no longer together. Shyla has the rightful custody of their daughter. The reason why we will know soon!

Shyla Walker broke up from Mcbroom this year. Landon been has accused of Domestic Violence and Kidnapping. The court has given Mcbroom a restraining order. It tells him to stay 100 feet away from Shyla and her daughter. Shyla has publicly accused Landon in her Instagram account. Walker said that she was physically abused, and Landon tried to kidnap her daughter thrice. She later allows Landon to maintain a relationship with Soul by dropping the restraining order. The fact that Shyla did her best to keep Landon away from her daughter, and now she allows, seems a bit fishy. She has the whole YouTube Channel for herself. They have deleted all the videos, and now there is only one video: “The End Of This Is L&S”. When you will see it, you will realize that she had planned it all. Anyways, the decision lies upon you!

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Landon Mcbroom's Girlfriend

The ACE Family finally meet Landon and Shyla’s daughter

What Is Landon doing? Is He Dating Anyone At Present?

Since the restraining order has been lifted by Shyla, Landon’s life has been at ease. He got emotional when he met his daughter after three months. He posting the picture and wrote in the caption “Victory”. Well, that surely means something!!. Many fans have speculated that Landon has a new girlfriend. He was spotted with a girl recently. Then he denied all those rumors. He said it was a prank, and it was a boy, not a girl. One thing is for sure, whatever happens, Mcbrooms are never going to stop performing pranks. That is in their blood, I guess!

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