Kpop Girl Group Member TWICE’s Tzuyu: Everything to Know

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TWICE's Chou Tzuyu net worth
Chou Tzuyu

With her ethereal beauty, TWICE’s Tzuyu has captured thousands of hearts! After going through harsh training and working day and night, Tzuyu has made her name in the kpop industry. Of course, her group plays a crucial role. Still, it is admiring to watch her grow in front of our eyes. She was only 16 years when she entered this industry and embarked on this beautiful journey with the other group members of TWICE. However, her beauty is not all about her! Over the years, Tzuyu has also improved her vocal skills and techniques to deliver her beautiful melody to her fans! 

Chou Tzuyu debuted as a member of TWICE in 2015. And since then, she has been an active fellow of the group. Although Tzuyu is the youngest member (maknae), she never fails to surprise fans with her hard work and dedication. Due to years of training and improvement, Tzuyu now gets more line in the group’s track. It is a huge achievement, especially for a group like TWICE, which consists of nine members! Her journey is not over yet. Even though she has not got a chance to showcase her solo singing ability, hopefully, JYP Entertainment plans something for her solo activity. So, let’s take a look at TWICE’s Tzuyu’s personal life, career, net worth, and love life! 

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Who Is Chou Tzuyu?

Chou Tzuyu was born on 14 June 1999. She is a Taiwanese singer based in South Korea and an active member of the girl group ‘TWICE.’ However, her journey to such a bright future was not an easy ride. Before joining TWICE, Chou Tzuyu lived with her parent in the East District of Tainan, Taiwan. From a young age, she had a passion for dancing and thus had enrolled at a dance academy. No wonder fans get captivated by her smooth dancing moves! In 2012, she was scouted and later moved to South Korea to work under JYP Entertainment. Tzuyu was not a part of the final lineup for TWICE. However, after viewers’ feedback through online voting, she became this undivided part of TWICE. 

TWICE's Tzuyu
Chou Tzuyu

Her Net Worth

As of 2021, TWICE’s Tzuyu net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Overall group’s net worth is $35 million. Therefore, her share is larger than the other members due to various solo work projects. After joining the group, Tzuyu became famous among fans for her petite figure, small face with doe-like eyes. Thus, leading to various projects such as appearance in A Look at Myself, Cool Kidz on the Block, attending store opening of the famous brand COACH. She even had a solo photoshoot giving her a good amount of return. However, the largest part of her net worth comes from the group activities of TWICE. It’s all the effort she has been putting into her work!

TWICE’s Tzuyu’s Boyfriend- Who Is Kpop Idol Dating In 2021?

As of 2021, TWICE’s Tzuyu does not have a boyfriend or a husband. She is not dating anyone at this moment. Due to her breathtaking beauty numerous times, Chou Tzuyu was the center of dating rumors. After all, it is hard to believe such beauty is still single. Because of fans’ fantasies, Tzuyu had been linked to BTS members. First, it was Jungkook and her dating rumors started circulating because of their visual and fans’ imagination that they might look good. Afterward, it was V because both idols posted on social media around the same time. However, those were nothing but false stories. As of now, TWICE’s Tzuyu is single. Hopefully, she finds her ideal man who will give her all happiness she deserves! 

Chou Tzuyu boyfriend
Chou Tzuyu

Some Interesting Facts About TWICE’s Tzuyu

As we mentioned, TWICE’s Tzuyu lived in Taiwan with her little family of four members. She first was scouted by MUSE Performing Arts Workshop, and there she was discovered by JYP. Tzuyu is a fan of Yoda from Star War and loves imitating him. Therefore, often, fans call her Yoda for her adorable act. While maintaining her figure, Tzuyu does not forget to get her chocolate milk and delicious foods. Her passion for music and dance has brought her to the place she is now. During leisure time, she loves watching performances and often sings Disney songs. Indeed, TWICE’s Tzuyu is full of color like a beautiful rainbow, fascinating fans with her sweet and gentle nature. 

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