Koroshi Ai Episode 12 Release Date: What Will Happen To Son and Chateau?

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Koroshi Ai Episode 12 release date

Koroshi Ai Episode 12 will be coming out really soon, bringing back the adventure that was left off. The plot of the anime centers on two characters, Ryang Ha and Chateau, who both were got targeted by Donald Bachman. In the previous few Episodes, we saw how Ryang Ha was kept hostage by Donny. Later, Chateau, upon knowing this gets into action and helps him escape Donny’s place. They ran and hid in a camp in the forest while they treated Son’s injuries. Meanwhile, Nikka was mad at himself because he accidentally helped both Son and Chateau to escape. So, now he pledged that he would capture Chateau at any cost.

Back in the forest camp, Chateau wonders about Donny’s organization, and when Son refused to answer her, she stood up and decided to find out herself. To this, Son grabbed her hand and expressed that he didn’t want to lose her once again. After all the time he spent finding her, Son doesn’t wish to lose her at any cost. Son gets into flashbacks as he reminds of the time when he was a kid and was saved by a man named Ryang Ha. Love of Kill Episode 12 release date is out now and let’s see what all we will get to see in the new Episode.

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Koroshi Ai Episode 11 Recap

The last Episode takes us into Son’s flashback, and the story will continue in Koroshi Ai Episode 11. It was released on 24th March 2022 and was titled “Worst”. Son’s flashback continues as a young university student Ryang Ha after saving Son from traffickers, took him into his care. He looks after Son while he waits for Lizst, and at the time Son was leaving, he got a call from Lizst. Lizst requested Ryang Ha to find a thing that Lizst hid. Suddenly, Lizst got shot by Seung Woo while he was still on the call. Seung Woo was frustrated as he was not able to find the girl he was looking for. On the other hand, both Ryang Ha and Son searched for the thing Lizst asked them to look for. They found a suitcase in which there was a young girl.

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They quickly stole a car and boarded it and took off while they were unsure about what to do with that girl. Upon waking us, the girl started crying but managed to say her name as Chateau Noble. Realizing that she is the daughter of Lizst, Ryang Ha took her responsibility without any further worries. Son broke into the cabin late in the night and decided to leave. However, Ryang ha was confused about the fact whether he should kill him or not in order to keep his whereabouts secret. But he let him leave. While Son was walking down the road, he encountered child trafficking. In order to seek revenge, that child chased him into the woods.

Love of Kill episode 11 recap
Son, Ryang Ha and Chateau

Koroshi Ai Episode 12 Release Date

The main concept of the last Episode was the death of Ryang Ha. As he felt really guilty to let Son go, he left home to search for him while leaving Chateau sleeping alone and also leaving his gun behind. However, Ryang ha was unable to find Son and returns back but found a terrified Chateau hiding in the closet with his gun. As he opened the door, Chateau shot him. Now grown up, Chateau remembered this and collapsed into Son’s arm. Love of Kill Episode 12 will release on 31st March 2022 and is titled “My Name”. These few Episodes have been super exhausting for both Son and Chateau.

They got into a lot, and all these old memories exhausted them even further. The Koroshi Ai Episode 12 will continue this further as they are still in that shabby camp. They are still hiding from Donny and his men, and in the new Episode, they will continue the escape.

Love of Kill episode 12 release date
Scared Young Chateau

Watch Koroshi Ai Episode 12 Online – Streaming Details

The series releases a new Episode on a weekly basis, while Love of Kill Episode 12 release time is scheduled for 11:30 PM (JST). They may vary according to the time of your region, so make sure you convert it beforehand. As for the streaming details, the series is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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