Korea’s Largest Illegal Manga Website Shuts Down

The topic of whether people should being able to read free manga or not, has been discussed a lot over the social media platforms. People are divided into two sects over it. It seems that the people who want the illegal manga sites shut down are winning. Recently, Marumaru, which is a South Korean website, and was shut down.

The website was very popular and it illegally reproduced and translated Japanese manga and it also earned revenue through advertising. The website started operating in 2013 and its access numbers were reported to be more than the Korean portal website Nate. It has been reported that the site administrator, who is known as “President Park” earned US$7.08 million through advertising earnings.

Korea Illegal Website

According to Nichiyō Shimbun, the staff working on the site had begun activities related to the shutdown two weeks before the website’s notice. The illegal translations and uploading manga on another site was also stopped. According to reports, the site administrators told the users that the store was closed.

There have been other cases of some other websites facing fines such as Bamtoki. It has been suspected that this has caused Marumaru to shut down. Back in July, a district charged a man, who had been violating copyright laws. He was sentenced two and a half years of imprisonment.

Naver (a South Korean online platform) was ordered to pay a sum of 1 billion won (about US$883,000). Bamtoki was Korea’s largest illegal distribution site for webtoons. It earned US$ 839,000 in profit in a year and half after its establishment.

It seems the governments of various nations are taking stern action against illegal websites which allow fans to read manga for free. We can expect a lot more websites to go down in the future. In countries especially Japan, the laws for copyright violations are very stern.

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