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Kordell Stewart’s Net Worth & His Plans After Retirement?

Who Is Kordell Steward?

Kordell Stewart, the former American football player, is commonly known as Slash. Who made his first appearance on national television was leaving NFL. Kordell started his career at NFL in 1997. In his first season as a starting quarterback in the NFL. He gave the Steelers an 11–5 record and the title of AFC Championship Game, which they have been losing to the Denver Broncos. Stewart scored three interceptions (two of which were made in the facing Denver end zone) and lost a blunder accounting for all four Steeler turnovers in a 24–21 loss. In Kordell’s season as a starting quarterback in the NFL, he gave the Steelers an 11–5 record and the title of AFC Championship Game, which they have been losing to the Denver Broncos.

Is Kordell Stewart Retired?

Kordell Stewart: Former American Football Player. (Credits: YouTube)

Stewart scored three interceptions (two of which were made in the facing Denver end zone) and lost a blunder accounting for all four Steeler turnovers in a 24–21 loss.

Kordell Was Thrown Out Of  The Team

However, in 1998, the Steelers lost their abhorrent coordinator, Chan Gailey, as they did not share friendly relations. However, they worked things out between them. After that, Stewart and Chan were signed as the Cowboys head coach. To replace Stwart, the Steelers offered Ray Sherman the position from the Vikings. In addition, Stewart’s principal receiver and Pro Bowler Yancey Thigpen also left the team with an offer from free agency after the 1997 season.
By mid-season in 1998, the Steelers had failed three of the five starting unpleasant linemen from the 1997 Asian Football Confederation Championship game. Consequently, Stewart and the Steeler’s aggression struggled and failed to make the playoffs in both seasons.

Why Is Kordell Stewart Called Slash?

Pittsburgh Steelers color analyst Myon Cope gave Kordell the nickname “Slash.” He picked this name under the assumption that Stewart could play multiple positions—quarterback/receiver/rusher. After separating him into many monopoly roles during the 1995 season. When the Steelers made it to Super Bowl XXX to succumb to the Dallas Cowboys, the team let Stewart compete for the starting quarterback position. Following a preseason fight, Bill Cowher named Jim Miller as the Steelers’ opening quarterback and retained Stewart in his “Slash” role.

Miller grappled at Jacksonville on opening day and was kicked out of the position. Mike Tomczak was offered his position for the rest of the season. In a December 1996 game against the Caroline Panthers, Stewart was on fire, and he made the NFL record for the most longspun touchdown run by a quarterback with an 80-yard dash. There were rumors that Stwart was visiting a shrink and was accused of suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. However, these rumors were never confirmed.

What Is Kordell Stewart’s Issue With Homosexuality Or Kordell Is Just Being Kordell?

Recently a rumor went across that Stewart is gay. He denied his sexuality, and in the process, he stopped speaking to all the teammates that belonged to the LGBTQ+ community. However, the allegations were not true, and Stewart opened about the incident in an interview. He denied all the allegations by saying that he is not gay and even if he was. He wouldn’t have to hide it. Stewart said he is proud of whatever he is and will always be. He said the world assured him of being homophobic. Just because he didn’t like talking to some of his teammates. He said he doesn’t talk to them because of ideological conflict; that conflict is not their sexuality.

He has no right to shame someone for their sexuality. Kordell added that the world has no right to shame him because a stupid rumor is attached to his name. He concluded by saying, please Live and Let Live.

Kordell Stewart’s Net Worth

Kordell Stewart’s net worth is estimated to be $ 14 Million. Stewart officially announced his retirement in the year 2012. After that, he started making appearances on national television. Stewart was invited as a guest on the TV shows Pros Vs. Joes and Deal or No Deal. In 2009 he also appeared as an analyst on Espn’s College Football Live. In July, he later appeared again during the show’s “50 States Tour” for the show’s episode concerning Colorado athletics. Stewart was also an interested reporter for the United Football League. And currently, after his retirement, he is an analyst on various ESPN shows such as NFL Live, Take2, and  NFL 32. He is also a co-host at a podcast Mike and Mike in the Morning.

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