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Preview & Recap: Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16


Meng Wu recovered from a knock-out blow and challenged Han Ming asking who is the strongest man. Han Ming got surprised when his arms get broken. Meng Wu dominated Han Ming, and Meng’s son interferes during the battle leading to the deafest of Han Ming. Meng KO’d Han with a single blow and orders his troop to attack Han’s men. The other generals find the truth behind Wa Lin’s scheme. Let’s discover more about Meng Wu and his army in the latest episode of Kingdom Season 3. Wa Lin has sent her sister out to attack Meng Wu from behind. Ba Miu thinks they will be in trouble if they follow Wa Lin’s plans.

Wa Lin explains why she is attacking Meng Wu. The episode title is ”Beyond Hangu Pass.” The warriors sent a report to Meng Ao to push the enemy back both above and below. They also talked about the news of Meng Wu slaying Han Ming. Meng Ao told his men to keep on fanning the flames, and they can fend their enemies off.  The Qin warriors begin to attack their enemies, and they saw another troop diving in the middle of the battle.

One of the soldiers is wondering where that troop is coming from and finds that it is Chu Army. Meng Ao receives the message that Chu Army is invading them. The generals realize that Wa Lin managed to strike from behind. Wa Lin’s elite unit is among the very best in the entire Chu Army. She can take more than five thousand soldiers if her plan works. Wu Fengming’s Wei Army is standing outside the entrance, ready to charge in, and they are waiting for the gate to get destroyed from inside.

Previously on Kingdom Season 3 Episode 15

The generate realizes that if someone damaged those boulders blocking the entrance, the great Wei Army would burst through at once. After the destruction, Hangu Pass Qin’s national gat will collapse. The Chu also charges, and Meng Ao’s men wonder if they are helping the Wei troops on the stairs. The Wei soldiers have broken free, and Meng Ao gets furious that they are pulverizing his men. Meng Ao told him to mobilize the reserve on the opposite side.

The warriors received the orders to surround the Wei and Chu while blocking them from advancing. One of the soldiers reveals that they can’t stop them since Wei and Chu’s troops have invaded their soldiers and messed up their process since their commands aren’t getting through. The enemies arrived at the gate, and Meng Ao realizes that they want to break the entrance. Meng Ao told his army to block the gate no matter what.

Kingdom Season 3

Kingdom Season 3

Hangu Pass Fall: The Wang Jin Army

Hangu Pass Lord Chunshen and Li Miu are in danger since the entrance is about to get destroyed. Wan Lin thinks that she can bring destruction to those three, and they will wall before her. The enemies tied the boulders with ropes and pulled them back to open the gate. They shout that the first one is out, and the mean at the top building notice that the enemies are drawing the boulders out. Meng Ao wonders what to do since they are about to pull the last one.

The scared soldiers wonder what their front line is doing, and one of the soldiers comments that they get caught up in melee with Wei and Chu. The soldiers are trying to drive the enemies away, and their attention got drawn out, and they forget to protect the entrance. The enemies saw the gate and realized that they had to smash it, and Wu Fengming told him to open it from the outside. Meng Ao realizes that their plans got ruined and sai it is so much for the heft of an elder general.

He apologizes that the King and the fellow citizens of Qin will forgive him; Meng Wu thinks that Hangu Pass is falling while Wang’s Army joins the war attacking at full speed. The soldiers at the entrance tried to stop them, but they receive the barrages of spears.  Meng Wao notices that Wang Jian is leading his men and only tow boulders to open the entrance. Fortunately, the Wang Jian Army secured the gate, and Qin got to save. The generals at that castle decided to send enforcement to Hangu Pass since all the holes got blocked.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16 Release Date

Kingdom-Season 3 Episode 16 release date is 1 August 2021, 12:10 AM JST.

Where To Watch Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16?

You can watch Kingdom Season 3 online on AnimeLabFunimation, and ANIPLUS; you can also look at Kingdom Season 3 Episode 15: Release Date, Preview, And Recap.

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