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Kingdom Chapter 693: Release Date & Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 696

Kochou HQ vs. Kanki’s soldiers begins with Kingdom Chapter 693, with Kanki’s soldiers assassinating the men at the Kochou HQ. Kingdom has been in this battle since Kanki tricks their enemies, and they couldn’t locate him. From the latest Kingdom manga Chapter, Kanki’s soldiers invade Kouchou’s HQ in numbers. At the same time, the Zenou Unit arrives, and one of Kanki’s soldiers comments that they are unaware that he is hiding.  The Kochou soldiers try to escape, but they suffer barrages from Zenou, who took them down. The Kochou HQ received a report revealing that they were getting attacked from both sides.

The invaders started as a small unit that grew to 1000 soldiers, with more soldiers appearing. The Kochou soldiers worry about the HQ if it will be okay, but they 3000 soldiers to protect their territory. They decided to send reinforcement with worries that they might not make it in time, and they engaged with the Qin. One of the soldiers can’t believe that they were hunters, but now they are getting hunted, and wonders what Kanki’s strategy was since he beat them ate their game.

Kochou replies that they fail to calculate Kanki’s soldiers’ numbers during the war. The other soldier adds that they didn’t count the fire pits, and Kochou replies that the front line made a mistake. The front line focuses on the retreating soldiers thinking that it was all of them and give up from Kanki’s side. Kochou realizes that when the soldiers retreat, the other ones remain hidden and cause these incidents. They hide until their men pass them, and Kochou’s soldiers realize that they let ten thousand soldiers remain hidden.

Previously on Kingdom Chapter 692

Those who remain hidden if they were in the tenth to hundred, they would have managed to assassinate them, but they thought they were chasing ten thousand soldiers. They dug a hole or hid between the dead. Kochou told his men that if they put five thousand soldiers in the center, it would have been different, But the enemy advanced past Eikyuu and leaving them to move five thousand soldiers to the right. That gave Kanki’s soldiers an opportunity and advantage to move forward.



Kouchou’s men think that it is unbearable that the target was to take off Eikyuu since that was the plan. They are surprised how Kanki decided to use a strategy like this and if ten thousand soldiers were part of the plan. Kochou has no clues about Kanki’s tactics since the enemies were retreating without showing a sign of fighting or suspicion. Even though they managed to kill the number of soldiers, they weren’t aware of everything that happened until now.

Kanki only knew that ten thousand would run away and that if two hundred and forty from Kochou’s army faced the eighty thousand from Kanki’s army, everything would end like this. This is why Kanki started this battle, and it happened when Kochou blocked his path from the middle and moved forward, passing the Ousen army. Kanki planed to take Kouchou’s head using tactics like this from the beginning.

Kouchou’s me told him to retreat after witnessing a nightmare when Kanki’s men advance to the second line of defense. But if the men at the HQ escaped in time, the victory would have been in their hands. They thought that facing five thousand to the right was a good idea when they ran, but they feared that Kanki would have predicted that and sent his soldiers. Kochou told his men to use the opposite direction while heading to the left. But when they try to escape, Kanki’s left arrives before them.



Kingdom Chapter 693 Release Date

Kingdom-Chapter 693 will be released on Sunday, 26 September 2021. The manga releases spoilers before the latest chapter of Kingdom releases on Sunday. The battle between Kanki’s men and Kochou’s men continues in the next chapter. There is no weekly break this coming Sunday. Let’s meet when Kingdom manga returns this Sunday. We have no official Kingdom manga website, but new chapters will release every week.

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