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Kingdom Chapter 692: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Kanki’s assassination begins Kingdom Chapter 692, with  Kanki’s soldiers fighting each other, and those who are running are fighting with those who want to remaining fighting. From the recent Kingdom chapter, the soldiers think they have done enough, and there is no need to fight. Meanwhile, the Zhao center army noticed that they teased them that they were a group of bandits who had no responsibility. The report came revealing that 7,000 Qin soldiers are remaining out of the 40,000 that they started with. The Zhao commander asks the whereabouts of Kanki and one of the soldiers replies that they have no clue.

They are trying to discover where Kanki is and realizes that they have checked many places. The commander told the soldiers to interrogate everyone without missing a single detail until they got answers. The commander thinks that Kanki should show up, and the battle is over. At Zhao Left Wing, Ryuuhaku’s son pursuit the Raido army, leading to the fall of the Qin right wing. The Zhao HQ sent a report telling him to split up his army and send others to the center to find Kanki.

Ryuuhaku’s son calls 8,000 men with him toward the center, wondering how they couldn’t find Kanki, and decides to rip everyone apart to find their target. But the Qin center army also interferes, making things complicated while surrounding them. The 8,000 men from the left-wing and the Zhao surrounded the Qin center, making it hard for Kanki to escape. Cut to the narration reveals that they failed to find Kanki since they searched everywhere, but they couldn’t find him.

Previously on Kingdom Chapter 691

At Ousen HQ, Ousen realizes that Mounten told him that Kanki wants to behead Kouchou. Ousen knows that Kanki can do one thing, but it will be crazy for Kanki to do that. He realizes that if he were in Kanki’s place, he wouldn’t use that plan since it is one of the strategies that is well-known and named after some guy’s grandson. But that grandson fought with Wei, and the intense battle made him retreat. That makes the Wei thinks those soldiers who retreat are cowards, and they chase them. The day has passed, and then the army suffered a great loss, losing about half of their men and half again the next day.



The Wei counted the number of fire pits that remained during the chase, thinking that they correlated to the number of soldiers basing their number of remaining enemies on that. They conclude that the remaining soldiers were a quarter of what they began with.
They send out a unit to deal with the remaining enemies, who are recognized as cowards. But an ambush of countless soldiers awaits them, and they are stronger to take down the Wei commander in chief. They lost because Wei failed to count the number of remaining soldiers.

Meanwhile, at Kochou HQ, the report arrives stating that the Kochou army managed to intercept the soldiers from Eikyuu. The left-wing sent their warriors to the center to take Kanki’s head. But Kochou HQ’s first line of defense said they didn’t see anything but only the enemies and Kanki’s men invade the HQ. The soldiers inside the tent find that their men are under attack, and another side of their first line gets attacked by few enemies. When they want to send a unit to defend, they find that the enemies have attacked another side and wonder what is happening. They heard Kanki’s footsteps heading towards them and wondered how Kanki had appeared.



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Kingdom Chapter 692 Release Date

Kingdom-Chapter 692 will be released on 19 April 2021. The manga will release Kingdom Chapter 692 this Sunday since there is no break this week. Kingdom manga releases its chapters earlier, but the manga uses a Sunday schedule. The latest chapters of Kingdom got delayed and will be released on weekdays instead of Sundays. The official sites of Kingdom manga are not available, but the upcoming chapters will get released every week. Kanki is about to make history in Kingdom’s recent battle; don’t miss the next chapter.

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