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Spoilers & Recap: Kingdom Chapter 688


After the spread of rumors about captured Raido, his army fell apart. Ryuufu has become a new Ryuu-Haku, returns to the left-wing, and pursuit after the remaining warriors. Ryuufu shouts that kill all of them and Do not let anyone escape. Meanwhile, Rin Gyoku and Kokuou’s unit split apart at the center due to Zhao general Kohaku Kou’s barrages. Let’s examine the aftermath of Raido’s capture and the present battle on the recent chapter Kingdom. The chapter title is ”Pain.” After getting divided, Rin Gyouku’s unit became the target and dispersed. Rin Gyouku realizes that it is about life or death and told his men to survive and withdraw.

Kohaku Kou directs his attacks towards Kokuou’s unit and the HQ of Kanki and comments slaughter them at full force. Kou told his men to get the head of the female general Kokuou. Kokuou’ got overwhelmed by Kohaku Kou’s all-out attack, and they couldn’t stand a chance. Kokuou wonders what is happening to the Boss HQ and the soldiers’ comment that they left a while ago and suggests they should retreat. Meanwhile, In Kochou Army’s HQ Raido continue to receive tortures.

A general returns and announces a report of the battlefield. The guy reveals that they have advanced through both the left-wing and the center, pursuing them. The Kanki Army had many deserters, but they have run out of energy to recover. Kochou said that he would allow the left-wing and the center army to go after them. Kohaku Kou has 3000 soldiers in the center. The generals wonder if it is due to General Gakuhaku’s right-wing since the right-wing is the only option.

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Kingdom Chapter 687 Highlights

One of the general wonders if Eikyu will fall, and Kouchouch denies it. They wonder if Raido has revealed something, and Kouchou replies that he hasn’t uttered a word. They realize that there is something hidden behind Raido’s silence and realizes that there could be danger other than Eikyuu. Kochou responds that Ousen worries him. The generals recognize that the situation will worsen if Ousen didn’t arrive, but they will come. Kochou replies that Osen won’t show up since he is targeting Bujou and Heiyou castle.

If Ousen shows up, they won’t advance further with their strategy. The general comments that they will remain worried since Kanki does the impossible and increases the number of warriors watching Ousen’s army. Kouchou responds that Kanki has already passed that, and they won’t panic if Ousen’s military carries out an ambush.

The general praise Kochou while saying Kanki will get headed before the Ousen army arrives. They think that right-wing is something they must target. It got revealed that Kohaku Kou leaves 5000 men in the center and for the left-wing.  Ryuu-Haku is advancing slowly to the center, making sure that Kanki won’t escape. One of the generals comments that Kanki had terrible luck facing them as an opponent since he became one of the 6 GG.



Shins’s Resolve: Strange Martial Arts

Kanki uses ”PAIN” as his weapon to execute the enemies in the warfare, and such threats don’t work against them. They believe that they are not scared of a guy like Kanki since the dough alongside General Kochou, who natures ”PAIN.”Kochou told the general to stop bragging, and the general told him that they would share a drink tonight while carrying Kanki’s skull as a cup. The geezer Banyou sees that the enemy general is still standing and wonders if the forces weren’t more vital to take him down in the right-wing.

Kanjou is severely injured and arrives while apologizing since he was unconscious getting chased by the enemy. Banyou replies that okay since Kan Jou became bait, let the young master flee. Kanjou said that the Gyoku Hou Army didn’t get done yet since they have several hundred survivors back, but they are not in good condition. Ten asks Kanjou to assist the Kyoukai unit since the enemies are holding them back, and she wants to send the enemies above the cliff.

Kanjou replies that it is easy and head to the scene. Ten realizes that Shin needs to end the battle soon since the reinforcement will arrive at my moment. Meanwhile, Shin is in an intense fight attacking Gakuhaku, who is receiving a shower of strikes. Gakuhaku confuses Suu Gen and others by weird movements. Hai Rou comments that Shin has great strength since he is using strange martial arts he is using. Rei said Shin saw something about Gakuhaku and call Bihei to come.

Kingdom Chapter 688 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 688 release date is 7 August 2021. The manga has not released official platforms to read the latest chapters of Kingdom. But the chapters will get released every Saturday unless they take a break or get delayed; we will bring a new chapter of Kingdom every week; make sure not to miss the upcoming updates.

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