Kimi to Boku. Manga Resumes After 3 Years

Kimi to Boku. manga is about to make its much-awaited return. The official website for Square Enix’s Monthly G Fantasy magazine revealed that Kiichi Hotta’s Kimi to Boku. would be resuming after its long hiatus. The adolescent comedy manga will resume in the magazine’s January 2019. The issue will be released on December 18. The opening page will be a colored page.

The manga has been on a break for quite a long time. To be more specific, it has been on break for three years ever since the magazine’s November 2015 issue. The manga was also on break in November 2014 but, that was because of the author’s health.

Hotta’s manga follows the lives of four teenage boys. Two of them are Yuta and Yuki Asaba, who are twins. There is also the effeminate Shun Matsuoka, and the head of the class Kaname Tsukahara. The four of them have known each other for most of their lives.

Kimi to Boku. Manga

They have been through a lot as friends, and they remain as friends even in high school. One day, a half-Japanese transfer student named Chizuru Tachibana joined their group. With the addition of Tachibana, a new dynamic to the everyday friendships.

The manga has also inspired an anime adaptation. The first season had 13 episodes, and it premiered in October 2011. The second also had 13 episodes, and it premiered in April 2012. Crunchyroll streamed the anime adaptations under the title, You and Me. The manga was started in 2004 in Square Enix’s Gangan Powered magazine. Then it was moved to Monthly G Fantasy in 2009.

The 15th compiled book volume was shipped in June 2015. The manga is unrelated to the similarly titled Flash anime and live-action film Kimi to Boku from Shigeto Yamagara.

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