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Kim Seon-ho Apologizes to Ex-Girlfriend after Rumors Swarmed Internet

Kim Seon-ho: South Korean Actor Apologizes to Ex-Girlfriend after Rumors Swarmed Internet
Kim Seon-ho Rumors

With his current hit series “Hometown Cha Cha Cha,” which aired on tvN and Netflix, Kim Seon-ho was the buzz of the internet. Well, he still is but this time, the reason is entirely different. The actor is known for his fine acting skills, and his powerful screen presence has made him a global sensation, and he is a known name in the Korean entertainment industry.

His name is all over the internet again negatively, and his own fans are backlashing on him for an unacceptable act by him. The thing is that even the big directors and producers are stripping him off his positions and future roles due to the serious backlash he is receiving from everyone out there for a “condemnable” act done by him in the past. People are taking up the issue really seriously, and the media is all over him for the same.

So, what is really happening? And what has the actor done to invite such serious backlash from his fans and other audience? We are here to clear away all your doubts. Let’s get this through.

Kim Seon-ho: What Is the Issue Spamming the Internet?

A woman has made a claim to be Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend on the internet and has also accused him of making false promises to her. On October 17, 2021, she posted online that she had been in a relationship with Kim for two years, and he forced her to abort their baby and promised to marry her if she did so.

Moreover, she also claimed that he was temperamental and threatening and always spoke ill about his co-stars and other peers. The claim got global attention, and Kim faced a huge backlash from media and all the internet out there. With all these claims and accusations going around, Kim finally gave in and released an official apology to all out there on Wednesday morning.

Kim Seon-ho: South Korean Actor Apologizes to Ex-Girlfriend after Rumors Swarmed Internet

Kim Seon-ho

His company released a statement and apologized for the happening. A Salt Entertainment official said that the company sincerely apologizes for all the people out there who have been disappointed and are feeling let down due to the controversy about the actor.

Later, Kim also released a personal statement and said that he would like to apologize to everyone for being late in addressing the issue due to the fear of his name being mentioned in so many headlines. He also mentioned that he was in a relationship with her and is ashamed of his carelessness and inconsiderate actions. The email also pointed out that he is deeply guilty for disappointing all the people out there who have supported him although his career. And, he said that he apologizes sincerely to all his co-stars and people who have worked with him.

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Kim Seon-ho: What Are the Effects & Reactions?

With the controversy jeopardizing his position and fame, he has been stripped off many upcoming projects, which include two films and a variety show.

He was confirmed to be part of the variety show named “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4”. And the films were his gateway to the big screen. He was talked to be part of the project “Sad Tropics,” which is helmed to be directed by Park Hoon Jung and also of “Dog Days,” a project by Kim Deok Min.

Moreover, he was also confirmed to play the main lead of “2 O’Clock Date,” a romantic comedy by Lee Sang Geun co-starring Yoon from Girl Generation.

Kim Seon-ho: South Korean Actor Apologizes to Ex-Girlfriend after Rumors Swarmed Internet

Kim Seon-ho in Hometown Cha Cha Cha

The controversy has jeopardized his position in all of them. KBS2 has confirmed on the news that they had dropped him from the main cast, as reported by Soompi.

Talking about “Dog Days,” then the production company JK Film has said that they are talking with the agency; and are on the way to replace him from the position. On the other hand, Sad Tropics has not released any decisions for now. They have confirmed that they are discussing the matter.

Well, as it looks, for now, the rumors are not going to settle down any soon. It has not only jeopardized his position as a rising actor but also has blocked all his chances for any further success.

We will keep you updated with further details.

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