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Kim Hee Sun Lands Leading Role In Webtoon Based Drama ‘Tomorrow’

Upcoming K-Drama Tomorrow
Upcoming webtoon based K-Drama Tomorrow

Sources suggest that Kim Hee Sun is offered the leading role in webtoon-based drama “Tomorrow.” Tomorrow titled drama is all set to come on floors. The pre-production of the drama has started. Currently, the drama is in the process of casting. The supporting roles and the guest roles haven’t been finalized yet. But in lead roles, we will mostly get to see actress Kim Hee Sun, and as the male lead, we will get to see Ro Woon. The filming date and the releasing dates haven’t been finalized yet.

Actress Kim Hee Sun has reportedly accepted the offer of the upcoming drama based on the webtoon written by Rama. So, as we all know, the trend of webtoon adaptions is in full roll, and it seems like this trend is not going to end anytime soon. The drama has a very unique and interesting storyline that will automatically attract a lot of viewers’ attention. The upcoming drama ”Tomorrow” is already capturing the attention and is buzzing news currently in the industry. Especially with the involvement of the beautiful actress Kim Hee Sun and charming actor Ro Woon, the viewers seem to pay a lot more heat to the topic.

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The Plot of the Upcoming Webtoon-Based Drama “Tomorrow”

The drama is currently in pre-production. And the filling of the drama is said to start in the latter half of 2021. With a high probability of its release in early 2022. The overall story of the drama revolves around two main characters Choi Joon Woong and Goo Ryun. Based on the webtoon, the drama will focus on the life of an unemployed human, who is unemployed for the past three consecutive years. Choi Joon Woong is the man who tries to kill himself after not being able to take the sufferings anymore. He decides to take his life by jumping off a bridge one day.

Updates on the Upcoming K-Drama Tomorrow

The cast of the Upcoming K-Drama Tomorrow

But fate doesn’t seem to support him after all. He finds someone else trying to commit suicide in the same spot as him. Leading to many circumstances, a fight starts between him and a fellow being, and the two end up falling off the bridge. The whole drama revolves around reality and the afterlife. So, when Choi Joon Woong falls off the bridge, a grim reaper comes to the scene. But the twist arrives when the grim reaper arrives late at the scene. The grim reaper from the crisis management team couldn’t deal with the situation well. This results in Choi Joon Woong going into a coma while his soul is still outside his body. Choi Joon Woong, who has been unemployed for three years in a row, now gets a job at the crisis management team.

His half dead, half alive soul is assigned the task of helping people to live. If he suspects anyone having trouble continuing with life, his job is to stop them from doing that while maintaining a keep observation of them. The role of actress Kim Hee Sun hasn’t been revealed yet, but it surely will be interesting.

The Cast of Upcoming Webtoon-Based Drama “Tomorrow”

Kim hee sung in the Upcoming K-Drama Tomorrow

The main lead of the Upcoming K-Drama Tomorrow

So far, just the two main lead actors from the drama have been revealed by the production team. Actress Kim Hee Sun will be playing the role of Goo Ryun. At the same time, actor Ro Woon will probably play the role of Choi Joon Woong. The casting of the two in the same drama has created quite a buzz among the audience. The handsome pair already have their own individual fanbase, which is resulting in the hyping of the popularity of the show even more.

Ro Woon in Upcoming K-Drama Tomorrow

Mian lead actor of the Upcoming K-Drama Tomorrow

Actress Kim Hee Sun recently completed her drama Alice in 2020 and will be now seen in the drama tomorrow. She is much experienced in the industry and has been a part of the same since 1993. The actress is immensely popular not only in South Korea but also in China. She got married in 2007 and starred in many dramas and movies alongside famous actors. At the same time, Ro Woon started his acting career in 2017 and joined the industry much late. He recently worked in the famous drama She would never know. His recent and past work have all been immensely praised and noticed. The pairing of the two most successful actors will surely bring out the best in the upcoming drama, Tomorrow.

So, the release date of the drama hasn’t been revealed since the filming hasn’t started yet. Most probably, the drama will release in early 2022. The genres of the drama include Action, drama, and fantasy. We, as fans, are eagerly waiting for the show, and any new addition to the cast or any new update on the drama will surely be shared as a priority.

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