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What is Kent Taylor’s Net Worth? Major Hits & Awards

Kent Taylor Net Worth
Kent Taylor Net Worth

We all know the popular American star who is a part of the small screen industry and played many major roles on the big screen as well named Kent Taylor. Talking about his movies and television shows, he has appeared in a total of 110 movies. We all know the popular budget commercial movie named B-movies. He played a major role in most of the B-movie, which was premiered from 1930-1920. Other than that being such a professional actor, he earned many other prestigious roles in other popular studios. Though he did many movies to name some of them can be Merrily We Go To Hell, which was released in 1932. In the following year, that is, in 1933, he played a major role in two blockbuster movies, namely  I’m No Angel, which was premiered in 1933, Cradle Song, which was released in 1933.

Other than that, he played the role of the major lead character in the movie named Death Takes a Holiday which was released in 1934. After some years, he played some major roles in the blockbuster hit movies, namely Payment on Demand which was premiered in 1951, Track the Man Down, which was released in 1955. Apart from that, he played the role of the lead character in the movie named Half Past Midnight, which was released in 1948

Childhood and Education

Kent Taylor Net Worth

Young actor and our favorite Kent Taylor

Born on the 11th of May in 1907 in the beautiful city of Louis Williams Weiss was the popular star America named Louis William Weiss, or as we may know him, Kent Taylor. He was born in the beautiful city of Nashua, which is in Iowa. His family was actually a Jewish family. After some years, when Taylor was a kid of 7years, he and his family moved to the wonderful city of Waterloo, Iowa. However, not much is known about his school and from where he completed his high school. But being from a family of blue-collar workers, he took up some odd jobs after his high school years to support his stay. After completing his high school years, he was enrolled in the popular engineering institute of America. He studied engineering for two years in the esteemed institute named Darrah Institute of Technology, which is in Chicago. Later in 1931, he with his family moved to the beautiful city of California.


Kent Taylor Net Worth

Kent Taylor in the role of the lead character of the popular detective series named Boston Blackie

Unlike many other popular stars out very favorite Kent Taylor did not have any prior experience of professional acting. He began his career in the movie in 1931 after being suggested by a friend that he should try his luck in the film extra.  His friend told him that he had enough good looks that he can be part of the film extra. Before he joined the industry, he used to helo his father in their shop, which was actually an awning service shop. Starting his career in 1931 and not having any background experience, he did not earn any major role in movies. He made his debut on the big screen with the popular movie named  Kick In, which was released in 1931. After the success he received from the role in the previous movie, he was called upon to try out some new camera ideas. After trying out the ideas, he, along with the popular star of their time named Claire Dodd, was shot in the popular silent movie sequel. By the time when the sequel was shot, the popular star Claire Dodd was a prominent star of the popular production company named Paramount. After working and playing the silent roles with Dodd, he was offered a contract. He signed and joined the popular production company on the 11th of July in 1931.  

After playing some major and minor roles on the big screen, he was offered roles on the small screen. For a year or so, that is from 1951 till 1952; he devoted his work and time mainly on the small screen, with which his career in the movies and films declined and his career on the small that is the television production increased. His role in the small screen started with the popular detective series named Boston Blackie. In this series, he played the lead role of a character named Boston Blackie. In the detective series, he played his part in a total of 58 episodes. Other than that, he also played the role of the character named Captain Jim Flagg in the popular sitcom of ABC named The Rough Riders. The storyline of the series was about the adventure that the three soldiers and two unions, and one Confederate. In the adventure, they were traveling through West America. They traveled just after the Civil War. The adventurous series had a total of thirty-nine-episode which was aired throughout a year that is from 1958 lasting till 1959.

He played many major and minor roles on the big screen and the small screen as well. Some of his notable minor roles on the small screen include My Little Margie, who was a series of NBC as well as CBS, which lasted for a period of 3years that is from 1952-1955. Other than that, the list also includes Tales of Wells Fargo, which was aired from 1957-1962, Zorro telecasted from 1957-1959, Riverboat aired from 1959-1961. The list doesn’t end here but continues, including The Rifleman, Tombstone Territory, Sugarfoot, Bat Masterson, Laramie, Mr. Lucky, Tightrope, Peter Gunn, Hawaiian Eye, The Brothers Brannagan, The Ann Southern Show, and Voyage to the Botton of the sea.  

Talking about his career on the big screen, he played many notable roles on the big screen. He played a major role in the popular movie of 1962 named The Broken Land.  He stared in the movie with his popular co-star that is Jack Nicholson and Diana Darrin. Apart from the roles he played throughout his career, by the end of his career, he played major roles in mostly low-budget and horror films, namely Brides of Blood which was aired in 1968. In 1969 he played roles in two movies, namely the  Satan’s Sadists, which was premiered in 1969, The Mighty Gorga, which was released in 1969. Other than that, he also played a major role in the movie, namely Brain of Blood which was released in 1971; the blood of Ghastly Horror, which was premiered in 1972; Angle’s Wild Women, which was premiered in 1972 as well as Girl for Rent which was telecasted in 1974. Other than his career in the movies and television series, he also became the main inspiration behind the name of Superman’s alter ego named Clark Kent.

Net Worth

Kent Taylor Net Worth

Kent Taylor Net Worth

Being such a notable actor of his time and our very favorite, Kent Taylor earned his income from the graceful acting skills he had. During his lifetime, his net worth was somewhere estimated to be between $1million- 5million.

Personal Life

Kent Taylor Net Worth

Kent Taylor died of complications during Hearth Surgery.

Our very favorite and the popular American star who is not only famous for his works on the big screen but also on the small screen named Kent Taylor left his beloved fans on the 9th of April 1987. At the time of his death, he was 79 years old. He died in the hospital of the Motion Picture named Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital, which was in the Woodland Hills, which is in the city of California. The sole cause of his death is stated to be some complication that occurred during his heart surgery.  

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Anurima Chowdhury is currently pursuing BA in English. She is a huge fan of pop culture and currently writes for OtakuKart as a contributor.

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