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Kengan Omega Chapter 128: Release Date & Spoilers

Kengan Omega

Double knockout begins with Kengan Omega Chapter 128, with Kazuho getting surprised after Fei dodged a massive strike. Fei landed multiple shots that made everyone at the stand fear for Takeshi’s life. From the latest Kengan Omega Chapter, Okubo notices that this battle is one-sided and Rihito wonders why Fei is too fast. The fighter that believed in Takeshi Watatsuki can’t believe that a mighty guy like him is getting brutalized by Fei. They wonder if Takeshi, the symbol of the Kenga Association, will lose this one. The chapter title is “Pride In Myself.” Fei landed a dropkick that pushed Takeshi back, and he began to wabble.

The fighters wonder if this is the new version of Fei or if he is really this strong. They wonder why Fei has been hiding these powers all along. Ref Shiinna Alisa wonders what she should do since Takeshi is getting punished without fighting back. Fei knocks Takeshi to the ground, but Takeshi tries to get up, and he sends him flying with a kick. He wonders why this guy is not going down, and Takeshi landed a left hook. Fei replies with a body blow and wonders why this loser is still on his feet.

Takeshi decided to grapple with Fei while recovering from the blows that he suffered. Takeshi had a flashback when he was a Superman and that he possesses ten times the muscular strength of the average man and believes that there are no men who can stop him during the fight. He realizes that he used to punish all the guys who messed up with him, and no one will block his path in the past. Nothing had changed ever since he became a fighter, and he stills believe that no man can stop him.

Kengan Omega

Fei vs. Takeshi

Previously on Kengan Omega Chapter 127

Takeshi realizes that he has been fighting for ten years, and he lost three times. He lost to Agito, Ohma, and Hatsumi Sen and not because they were stronger than him. Cut to the battle, Fei reminds Takeshi not to sacrifice his life for a single victory since this is a game. Takeshi squeezed Fei and told Fei that he has pride in himself, like everyone. He refuses to lose in a contest of physical prowess. Koga is glad that Takeshi got Fei in a tight hold. Julius Reinhold wants Takeshi to crush Fei without letting him go.

Fei tried to break free, and Fei realized that the other Tokita Niko told him to defeat the top Kengan Association fighter for his final trial. Fei realizes that he has to prove that he is worthy of being the Tiger’s vessel. He recalls everything that Tokita Niko told him and about Tokita Ohma. Fei realizes that he can’t fail and send Takeshi flying while breaking free from grabbing. Fei unleashes Divine Demon Maximum output to finish Takeshi. But he realizes that if he fails to finish Takeshi in time.

Fei thinks that Niko is watching him since he is about to land a final killing blow. Takeshi also powers up and releases Blast Core, but Fei dodged that and landed a heavy strike, but it didn’t connect properly. Fei realizes that he couldn’t reach Takeshi, and that was his last strike. The Divine Demon Maximum output fades ways, and Fei returns to his skinny body. They both fall on the ground, and it becomes a double KO. The commentators announce that both fighters have fallen to the ground at the same time. This will be determined in the next chapter of Kenga Omega.

Kengan Omega

Divine Demon

Kengan Omega Chapter 128 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 128 will be released on Friday, 1 October 2021. The next chapter will reveal who won between Fei and Takeshi, or it will be a draw if one of them fails to get up. Only one match is left to determine the winner of the tournament. Kengan Omega will continue on Friday.

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We will find the aftermath of this duel in the next chapter of Kengan Omega. Let’s meet on Friday with another release.

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