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Spoilers & Recap: Kengan Omega Chapter 121

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega Chapter 121 will release soon since the last chapter had released a few days ago. The manga will release a new chapter once a week, but it will keep shifting the dates or getting delayed. Kengan Omega is one popular martial arts manga that revolves around the fighting arena. Let’s find more about the Kengan vs. Purgatory that continues after Purgatory has recently suffered a loss. In the last chapter, Okubo unleashed his signature move and TKO Terashi. Terashi didn’t want to give up on an armbar that also choked his neck. Fortunately, ref Shin Alisa called a stop to the contest.

The Kengan fighter has now tied their matches with Purgatory. A few fights are left to determine the winner of the competition. The chapter title is ”2 Matches Remaining.” The chapter begins with the doctors inside the ring trying to help Terashi recover. Suddenly Terashi wakes up and comments that he wants to drink water. Okubo is still inside the ring and told Terashi to rest or fall since he is weak. Terashi replies that sleeping while surrounded by a ”Bunch of Dudes” is not his thing.

Okubo realizes that he broke Terashi’s mask and gives him a new one since he is shy of showing his face to the public. Terashi gets up and acknowledges that it is half-mask and replies that the mask is not essential since the ”Legendary Assassin Fa of China has a mask.” He comments that he understands the difference between a Pro and an Amateur like him since they didn’t stand a chance. Okubo advises Terashi to hold his head up, and he won’t beat top-class fighters if he keeps that attitude.

Previously on Kengan Omega Chapter 120

Terashi wears glasses, and Okubo told him to make use of his skills and improve. The two shake their hands as they are about to part ways. The commentators are impressed by the excellent sportsmanship between the two. Okubo told Terashi that he could come next time, and they will train together. They both head to their benches, and Alisa asks Terashi if he needs a stretcher. Terashi replies that he will walk to the infirmary and realizes that he still has the Nicolas mission to complete.

In Nicolas’ room, two security are guarding the entrance look around if someone is coming. Nicolas is in a coma fighting for his life. Rihito congratulates Okubo since they grab that win the team needs most. Kazuho is glad that they took away an overwhelming victory. Koga comments that it was ”Dope” and Agito wonders what he was saying when Koga said ”Dope.” Gaolang Wangsawat reminds Tokita Ohma that only two fighters remain.

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

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The Wild Tigger vs. Three Demon Fists

Koga told Agito that ”Dope” is slang for shortened impressive. Agito owners if there is a need to shorten it.  On the other side, Fei Wangfang, Carlos Medel, and Lolong Donaoire are surprised that Terashi got smashed. Agito told his team to be on guard since the remaining ones are more robust. Ohma realizes that Lolong is the threat, and there is one of the Demon Three Demon Fist and The King.

Kazuo realizes that the tournament is nearing its end. But Purgatory still has tough opponents. He realizes that he has to win the next match, and if they lead, it will be five wins apiece, and if they lose, they will go to sudden death. Kazuo wonders who he should send to the ring between Ohma and Takeshi; Takeshi notices that Kazuo is wondering and asks if he has decided. Ohma adds that that Kazuho is the leader, and they will follow his decision.

Kazuo thanks them and reveals that the one who will go for the 12th match is Wakastsuki Takeshi. The Wild Tiger Takeshi enters the ring, and Fei the Three Demon Fist follows. It is officially The Wild Tigger vs. Three Demon Fists. Kazuo realizes that he has made the right choice since Lolong didn’t step up. Alias did her part and explained the rules of keeping it clean and touch them. The two get ready to fight, and Fei is glad that Takeshi will get his hands.

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Kengan Omega Chapter 121 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 121 release date is 13 August 2021. The manga series follows the weekly release of seven days and releases a new chapter. The next chapter will arrive soon, and the upcoming will get the updates after the latest chapter releases. The manga gets delayed due to the weekly break and returns to weakly releases on Thursday or Friday every week. You can look at Spoilers & Preview: Kengan Omega Chapter 120.

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