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Kengan Omega Chapter 115: Release Date, Spoilers and Preview

Kengan Omega

The Kengan Association tournament continues with Toku and Liu still trading punches. Kengan Omega is also known as Kengan Ashura 2, and this is where the MMA fighters show their strength in different competitions. The chapter begins with the Shan Kao attack as Liu and Toku exchange showers of blows. The title of the chapter is ”Paintings Makeup, Too Much of Our Life.” Liu begins serving Toku with an entire Arsenal of Chinese Martial Arts. Commentator Jerry Tyson got stunned after witnessing Liu’s performance. Toku shocked the crowd after remaining on his feet.

Liu is well-known for his one-punch that can knock out a bull, but Toku survived those barraged punches. The commentators wonder if Toku’s body is more robust than a bull’s body. Ref Shin Alisa thought that the battle was over, but Toku stood firm and ate those massive strikes. Terashi wonders if Toku is immortal, Koga asks Kazuo about Toku’s strength. Liu thought Toku has not recovered from those strikes and to KO him, but the plan backfires. Toku grabs Lui and pins him to the ground. Liu is surprised that he got locked onto an armbar.

He tried to survive, but his arm seems to be on the way to get broken. Toku wonders why Lui is not tapping out or if he wants to continue fighting with a broken arm. Toku comments that he understands that most people live for vengeance, but Lui is different. Lui makes his name in the underground where he belonged, but Toku is the same as him. Liu tries to break free out of an armbar, but Toku’s hands are locked. Toku realizes that he was once an avenger. In the past, Toku admires Dazai, who inspired him to join the world of literature.

Kengan Omega Chapter 114 Highlights

Toku realizes that the world of literature was not his place since God gave him something different. Toku’s friends teased him when he persuades his literature dream. Some boys told him to join the track team if he doesn’t want to waste his talent. One day at school, Toku got an offer of a sports scholarship student. But they find that he is focusing on literature club, and they told him that their school focuses on sports, and his dream won’t work here. Toku reveals that he wants to be a novelist.

The higher-ups told Toku to give up on his dream since he is a terrible writer. Toku realizes that they also said to him that unwanted talent is a curse. The high-ups give him an example of a good mathematician and a bad boy at baseball, but the boy chose to follow baseball. They ask if the boy should switch careers and ask Toku if he would be happy to become a loser after following a dream with no future. Toku wonders why he received that curse. Fate forced an unwanted curse in Toku’s life, but his dark passion towards destiny made him strong.

Career-Ending Injury

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

When he stepped into the Underground Martial Arts, Toku’s strength got acknowledged, and he had good records in different organizations. Later, Toku joined the Kengan Association and shone more than in the past. Unfortunately, Toku suffered a defeat for the first time in the Underground Martial Arts after suffering a broken arm. Agito is the first man to take a win over Toku. That day Agito get a massive victory after beating his opponent without sweating. Toku didn’t land any significant strike.

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Agito looked like he was coming out of the bath instead of a fight. That defeat ate Toku for a long time, but he recovers. After recovering, Toku returned to the Kengan matches and announced his candidacy for the tournament against Purgatory. Unfortunately, Liu is still locked under an armbar back to the battle, and his arm is about to break. The commentators noticed that Liu’s ligament got torn, which might be the end of the match. However, Toku’s armbar is well-executed, and Liu is struggling to break free.

Toku reveals that he gave up on his vengeance in the past, and he finds that it is pathetic to hold a grudge against someone. Liu realizes that His attacks hurt Toku, and he pulled an armbar when he was unconscious. Toku comments that he knows that it is a game, but he doesn’t want to lose. Lui tried to force his way out, but this might lead to a career-ending injury. Toku broke Lui’s elbow joint, but Lui manages to attack with another hand. The chapter ends with Liu landing one fist at a time.

Kengan Omega Chapter 115 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 115 release date is 25 June 2021. Also read Spoilers & Highlights: Kengan Omega Chapter 114.

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