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Kena: Bridge of Spirits: What is The Game About?

Kena: Bridge of Spirits release date
Kena Bridge of Spirits Release Date

In this article, we cover Kena: Bridge of Spirits release date. Firstly, this game is a new action-adventure game that will drop soon in September this year after a delayed announcement. The plot revolves on Kena, a youthful spirit guide who assists the dead in their transition from the physical to the spirit realm. Ember Lab develops and publishes Kena: Bridge of Spirits. The founders, Mike and Josh Grier were in charge of the game.

After many years of working on commercials and branded apps, the development team decided to create an original video game. They formed a partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment for a console-exclusive agreement, and the team expanded to 15 core members. Vietnamese animation company Sparx developed this title’s graphics in cooperation with Ember. Also, the game’s fictional setting has influences on places like Japan and Bali. Jason Gallaty created the original soundtrack in collaboration with the Balinese ensemble group Gamelan udamani to produce respectable gamelan music.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Plot and Premise

Kena is a teen spirit guide that employs her magical powers to assist dead individuals in transitioning from the physical to the spirit realm. The game is offered in a third-person viewpoint. Additionally, Kena’s staff is used to strike opponents, while her pulse ability is used to protect from attacks. They are charged with gathering tiny spirit companions called the Rot, who assist them in completing chores and fighting foes.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits made a strong initial impression at last year’s PS5 announcement event, and every teaser since has confirmed that ember lab’s debut game promises to provide a gorgeous world with moving emotive graphics and visuals. After almost an hour and a half of playing an early part of kinah, I’m just as fascinated by its intriguing melting pot of gameplay concepts, which weaves together elements of all sorts of games, including current PlayStation blockbusters like the God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, and even a surprise splash of Nintendo’s Pikmin.

Kena Bridge of Spirits release date

Kena: Bridge of Spirits release date is September 21, 2021

A studio debut project with lots of visuals

Kena is Ember Lab’s debut project, and it contains all of the gameplay components necessary to live up to the promise hinted at in the announcement videos. The rot accompanies you on your adventure and provides wonderful touch to an already lovely environment. They’re not always simply trailing Kina as an amorphous blob of cuteness as you run, climb, and jump through numerous adventurous sequences. To be sure, there’s a lot of familiar mechanical terrain here.

And Kena doesn’t seem afraid to wear its influences on its sleeves or rots heads in the case of the game’s configurable choices. Additionally, Kena’s a bit cumbersome to manage at first in tight places since you move both Kena and the rot separately with each of the two analog sticks, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty simple to lead them down the correct route, at least in this early part.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits Release Date

Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to release the game on September 21, 2021. Kena: Bridge of Spirits previewed at the Tribeca Film Festival, and the demo received excellent feedback. On September 21, 2021, the game will drop on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The game’s delay is COVID-19’s fault. That virus really screwed up every single aspect of everything: From games to hardware releases to movies. Still, we are here, and we are waiting for this game, whose aesthetics are very promissory!

The game’s release date was initially mentioned in fine print in January 2021 as March 2021; Sony deleted the small text from the video. Kena: Bridge of Spirits was included at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival, where virtual guests may play an hour-long demo. The game was nominated for the first Tribeca Games Award. The game’s demo received excellent reviews, with reviewers comparing it to Pikmin, The Legend of Zelda, and Pixar films.

kena Bridge of Spirits release date

Kena Bridge of Spirits release date

More juicy details on Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Ember Lab, a 14-person indie company, located in Los Angeles, is working on Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Over the course of many years, the team developed a prototype before hiring personnel with more significant development expertise. The bulk of development took place on PlayStation 4; the team had no certainty if they would receive with a PlayStation 5 development equipment, but Sony ultimately approved. The imaginary setting of the game is based on many Eastern locales, including Japan and Bali. Kena lacked many abilities at first and depended largely on the Rot to accomplish tasks.

After more investigation, the crew determined that Kena was powerful on her own, but much more so when combined with the Rot. Jason Gallaty and Mike Grier created the game’s original soundtrack. Which they recorded in Bali with the Balinese ensemble group Gamelan udamani. To keep the game realistic, the team eschewed in-game musical performances. Lastly, the game’s reveal took place during PlayStation’s Future of Gaming event on June 11, 2020, with a release date of late 2020 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Ember Lab postponed the game until Q1 2021 in September 2020, claiming production difficulties caused by working from home amid the COVID-19 epidemic.

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