Kehlani Boyfriend 2022: The Gangsta Singer’s Love Life (Updated)

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Who is Kehlani dating in 2021

Updated Article (January 6, 2023):

Want to know, who Kehlani is dating now? The Morning singer is currently making headlines after they opened up about getting sexually assaulted at a concert in the UK. The incident triggered them but shared with the fans that they are fine now. But, what’s going on in Kehlani’s personal life? Did they find a new love, last year? 

Starting from the basics, Kehlani has always been very much into music, more precisely, right from their childhood days. You must be well aware of their first commercial mixtape, Cloud 19. How much do you love it? 

Last year, Kehlani released their third studio album, Blue Water Road, which ultimately became a major hit. In the same year, the songstress also made their debut with a guest role of Ivy in the TV series, The L Word: Generation Q. 

How can we not talk about Kehlani’s famous music releases? Some of your favorites must be from the list- Nights Like This, RPG, I Like Dat, Honey, Already Won, etc. 

Coming back to Kehlani’s new love interest, the songstress broke up with their girlfriend, 070 Shake. The former confirmed the news over a “cryptic video.” With that, fans are wondering who’s next. If you are looking for who Kehlani is dating now, here are your answers. 

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Who Is Kehlani Dating Now? The Songstress’ New Love Interest 

Talking about their new love interest, Kehlani is reportedly now dating Kiara Russell. If you are wondering about Kiara’s identity, she is a professional basketball player. Because of her huge interest, Kehlani’s girlfriend also played the same at Arizona State University. She graduated with a degree in sociology. 

At present, Kiara Russell serves as the graduate assistant at the Connecticut Huskies women’s basketball team. Born on 30 March 1998, she is now 24 years old. 

Who Is Kehlani Dating Now
Kehlani and their rumored girlfriend, Kiara Russell

Moving on with Kehlani’s rumored relationship with Kiara, neither of them has confirmed it. However, rumors surfaced right after they called it quits with 070 Shake, in September 2022. Not an exact date is known. 

How did things between Kehlani and Kiara’s relationship start on the internet? Well, it was a Tiktok post, which is now deleted. We saw the songstress was dying her rumored girlfriend, Kiara’s hair. So what? 

Well, that was not the end. Kehlani and Kiara shared a couple of kisses on the internet which further fueled the rumors of them dating. 

Kehlani made the debut of their new love interest, Kiara on Christmas 2022. Whoever followed the singer on Tiktok, is very much aware of how flirty they have been together. 

In one of the videos, Kehlani asked their girlfriend, Kiara, to say “hi to the girls.” In response to that, she said, “Hi, girls!” Later, the singer told her that they asked to say “hi” and not add “girls”.

Some fans who came across the video considered the gesture to be romantic and also jealous. In other words, Kehlani reportedly felt jealous when Kiara interacted virtually with the girls. 

We are not sure if Kehlani is dating Kiara. But, based on the available hints on the internet that they have been providing very happily, we may say that they are hinting it to be romantic. 

Best Wishes to Kehlani for their new relationship. Right after their break up from 070 Shake, they told that they were “single.” Again, after a few months or so, they started appearing a little goofy with a possible loved one. 

Who Is Kehlani Dating Now
Leilani with their former girlfriend, 070 Shake

Make sure you follow Kehlani on their Instagram account, for more updates on their new relationship with Kiara Russell. We are eagerly waiting for Kehlani and Kiara to go official as a couple, in this new year. Sending them loads of love! 

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Original Article (October 4, 2021): Californian singer Kehlani has had quite an eventful dating life. But who is Kehlani dating in 2021? Kehlani Ashley Parrish, born on April 24, 1995 in Oakland, California, is a singer mainly in the R&B and pop genre, songwriter, and dancer as well. She rose to fame being a part of the teen group Poplyf. However, she gained much recognition in the year 2016, when she released her song ‘Gangsta’ as a part of the soundtrack of the much-loved movie Suicide Squad. She has quite a bunch of albums and songs in her backpack and was even nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Urban Contemporary Album for her album ‘You Should Be Here’.

Kehlani is pretty popular on Instagram and interacts with her fans and 13.3 million followers through many posts, including pictures of the daughter she had with Javie Young before coming out as a lesbian earlier this year. Make sure to read our whole article to know Kehlani’s whole journey of coming out as lesbian, even after having a baby in 2018 with her then-boyfriend, her gender identity and sexuality, past relationships, and more.

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Who is Kehlani Dating in 2021? Current Relationship Status of Kehlani as a Queer Woman in 2021

Currently, Kehlani isn’t linked with anyone in particular, but the Internet was shocked when Kehlani and fellow singer SZA were seen holding hands at Rihanna’s Met Gala Afterparty. Earlier this year, in April, Kehlani and SZA were also seen holding hands while hanging out with Lizzo. Even though these signs don’t confirm a romantic relationship, but these do spark rumors as Kehlani has announced her sexuality as a lesbian.

A similar rumor was given birth to when Kehlani and Kiana Lede shared a steamy kiss towards the end of the music video for their song and when she made out with Demi Lovato during her appearance on Demi’s tour for ‘Tell me You Love Me’. Although Kehlani has never publicly confirmed any rumors but such public displays do spark up rumors, and they know it well!

Who is Kehlani dating in 2021
Kehlani and SZA were spotted holding hands while hanging with singer Lizzo

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Kehlani’s Past Relationships

Kehlani has had a dearth of relationships over the years, which makes fans wonder who is Kehlani dating in 2021. In 2014, Kehlani and Canadian rapper PND started their on and off relationship till 2015. In October 2015, Kehlani attempted suicide because she was slammed for cheating on PND. The pair got together for a while in 2016 but eventually called it quits. Around the same time, Kehlani dated Kyrie Irvin, but their relationship ended when a picture of her and PND being circulated and Kehlani’s suicide attempt.

A short link-up for 4 months in July 2017 with Shaina Nergon was followed by Kehlani’s link-up with Dave East in December 2017. Although people suspected that Kehlani and Demi Lovato were a thing when the two kissed during her appearance on Demi’s tour for ‘Tell me You Love Me’, Kehlani broke up with Dave in May 2018. Finally, in October 2018, Kehlani took to social media to reveal her 4-month long pregnancy with her then-boyfriend Javie Young-White, who has also identified as queer. On March 23, 2019, Kehlani gave birth to her and Javie’s daughter Adeya Nomi Parrish Young – White at home.

Who is Kehlani dating in 2021
Kehlani with her baby daddy Javie Young

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Sexuality and Gender Identity: Who is Singer Dating in 2021 after announcing their sexuality?

Since Kehlani has made multiple announcements on her varying sexuality and gender identity, the general public has pried over her private matters and questioned who is Kehlani dating in 2021. Kehlani goes by the pronouns she/they but had announced in April 2019 in an interview with Diva Magazine that she was definitely on the non – binary scale. However, she feels important to include female pronouns in her music.

In April 2018, Kehlani clarified by using her social media following on Twitter by tweeting in a thread of tweets, “I’m queer. Not bi, not straight. I’m attracted to women, men REALLY attracted to queer men, non binary people, intersex people, trans people. Lil poly pansexual papi hello good morning. does that answer your questions?” However, she retracted this tweet as she was told that the way in which she listed the gender spectrum was wrong, and she didn’t want to offend anyone.

On April 22, 2021, Kehlani finally announced that she was a lesbian. She uploaded a video on the popular app Tik Tok where she is seen saying, “I finally know I’m a lesbian” and “I am gay, gay, gay”. She also talked about how she expected their fans to be shocked, but apparently, she was an obvious lesbian for her fans, and only Kehlani was the one who didn’t know about this. The singer also talked about her  privilege and said, “I have a lot of privilege. I think a lot of artists who we talk about and say, ‘Oh, they had to come out, or they had to do this,’ a lot of them can’t hide it.”

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