Keeping Faith Season 3 Ending Explained: Does Rose Die In The End?

Keeping Faith Season 3 Ending Explained
Eva Myles as Faith Howells

The final 60 mins of Keeping Faith Season 3 will keep you at the edge of your seat! Directed by Pip Broughton, Keeping Faith is one of the most-watched TV series. The Welsh thriller TV series first aired on BBC One Wales Network in November 2017. Its English version premiered on February 13, 2018. Also known as Un Bore Mercher, (One Wednesday Morning) Keeping Faith is undoubtedly one of the best action-thrillers. Created by Mathew Hall, the series has an average number of 300k viewers per episode! It is not only the most popular show on BBC Wales but also the most downloaded as well! Over 9 Million fans downloaded the show. Produced by Vox Pictures, the show consists of three seasons, with a total number of twenty episodes. 

The show achieved great responses from the critics and the audience as well. Keeping Faith won three Welsh BAFTA awards in their first season! The show also won awards for best actress (Eva Miles) and best writer (Mathew Hall.) Eva Miles has done a phenomenal job in playing the role of Faith Howells. But now, many fans have bid farewell to their favorite character as Keeping Faith finally comes to an end! The final episode was a cliffhanger before Rose caused the tragedy! Keeping Faith was all about Faith Howells, a lawyer, who is on a quest to find her husband, Evan. Their complicated relationship ended in the final episode in a tragic way. As we move ahead in the article, we shall talk more about what happened at the ending of Keeping Faith Season 3!

Keeping Faith Season 3
Eva Miles

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Keeping Faith Season 3: Ending Explained

Keeping Faith is filled with unforeseen twists and turns. Well, that is how a show survives! But the final episode is full of bursting content. Keeping Faith Season 3 has six episodes. The ending episode begins with Evan (Bradley Freegard) getting arrested. The evidence certainly proved that Evan is the murderer. But Howells kept on pleading to prove his innocence. Faith Howells (Eve Myles) decided to help Evan. She already had a lot to deal with (Osian Taylor case.) 

Rose Howells, Faith’s mother, met Faith and opened up about the Gael murder case. Howells revealed something terrifying that frightened Faith from head to toe. Rose had visited Marion’s place. She just managed to divert the attention before she could escape. Faith finds more problems coming her way as Osian falls into a coma. That allows the judge to reject the approval for Osian to travel to France for his treatment. Anyhow, his father, Mike Osian, calls Faith just in time. He confirms that Osian is good enough to travel to France. The judge gives Osian the allowance to travel.

Even after winning the case, Faith cannot stay in peace, knowing what her mother did. Faith rushes towards Rose, but then Rose pulls out a gun towards her! In the conversation, we realize that Rose had killed Gael! Evan gets released from jail as he hurries towards Faith’s home. He takes his daughters to a safer place before facing Rose. We hear two gunshots fired. After some time, we realize that Rose fired the shots at Evan and killed him. Rose pointed the gun towards herself before the series ended. The second bullet was for Rose. Yes, Rose dies as well

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Keeping Faith Season 3
Bradley Freegard as Evan Howells

Will There Be A Fourth Season?

Season 3 was the final season of Keeping Faith. The announcement got made that the fourth season will not release. When we analyze the ending, we can conclude that with ease. The most influential plot twists are tied up. Keeping Faith had centralized on Faith’s relationship with Evan the whole time. Now that he is dead, the series’ entertainment factor is gone. Their complex relationship was fun to watch. Although, we do learn that Faith is pregnant with Steve’s child. But that does not mean that she will feature in a new season. Most probably, Faith will start a new episode in her life. But that won’t get streamed by BBC Network!

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