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Kdrama of The Week: Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You Kdrama
cr: MBC

Kdramas have now become a huge thing in the world of entertainment. And today we’d like to share details on Extraordinary You Kdrama. We will share all the deets on the drama. Also, get to know why you should definitely watch it. Because of its huge fandom, we have chosen it as the “Kdrama of the week.” The show stars SF9’s Rowoon and Kim Hye Yoon in the lead roles. The beautiful and extraordinary romance between Eun Dan Oh and Ha Ru will make your heart flutter and even force you to shed some tears. So, go ahead and get all the deets on the Kdrama you’ll be probably watching soon.

Extraordinary You is a South Korean fantasy romantic drama. Adapted from the webtoon,  July Found by Chance by Moo Ryoo, the drama premiered on October 2, 2019. It was directed by Kim Sang Hyeop (Mama, True Beauty) and Kim Sang Woo (My Mister, Live On). Meanwhile, In Ji Hye and Song Ha Young penned down the screenplay. The MBC original drama was initially slated to release in September 2019. However, its release was pushed back by a month.

The show received love from all across the globe, becoming one of the best dramas of 2019. Many Kdrama enthusiasts still watch it and will recommend it to their “chingus,” we mean friends.

Extraordinary You Kdrama: Plot and Where To Watch?

The Kdrama Extraordinary You tells the story of Eun Dan Oh, who is a 17-year-old high-school student from a wealthy family. It looks like she has it all, but she suffers from a lifelong heart condition that actually means that she will not live past her teenage years. But, soon she realizes that she is experiencing long gaps in her memory. In reality, she encounters another unhappy inheritance of another fact in her life: she is a character in a Korean webtoon. Furthermore, all of her actions are prearranged by the artist who draws her and the webtoon.

Extraordinary You Kdrama

cr: MBC

Besides that, she is met with another sad reality when she discovers that she is only a supporting character in the cast of the webtoon. With the new facts about her life, she is determined to find true love in her own plotline. Also, she decides to evade the author’s plans for her character by using the flashes of storyboard, only visible to her. 

The drama has 32 episodes of 35 minutes each. The show ran from October 2, 2019, to November 21, 2021, on MBC. However, due to its popularity, it is available on multiple platforms to stream. At the moment, the drama is available to watch on We TV, Netflix, and Kocowa TV with English subtitles for foreigners. If you reside outside South Korea with Netflix services, we will recommend you to watch the drama on the streaming giant. Captions in several languages are available.

Cast and Characters

The drama stars Kim Hye Yoon (Sky Castle) as Eun Dan Oh, she is a student from Seuil High School; an extra character in Secret, and the female main character of Neungsohwa. Hailing from a wealthy family, she suffered from heart disease despite getting operated on multiple times. SF9’s Rowoon (She would Never Know) stars as Haru/ Number 13. His character is the extra in Secret, just like Dan Oh. And he is the main character of Neungsohwa. The two will somehow find love in real life and in the webtoon to save each other from their life problems.

Extraordinary You Kdrama

The cast of ‘Extraordinary You’

Additional cast includes Lee Jae Wook (WWW) as Baek Kyung, Lee Na Eun (A-Teen) as Yeo Joo Da, Jung Gun Joo (Monthly Magazine House) as Lee Do Hwa, Kim Young Dae (Cheat On Me If You Can) as Oh Nam Joo, and Lee Tae Ri (Tale of The Nine Tailed) as Jinmichae.

The show received immense love due to its unique plot. Moreover, the

viewers loved the mesmerizing characters and the cast. OST’s of the show are another addition to its success. In short, it’s a full house (Not a Kdrama reference).

Trailer of the show

Here’s the trailer of Extraordinary You to entice you into watching it as soon as possible.

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