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KDrama of the Day: My ID is Gangnam Beauty Review, Cast, OST, and Plot

My ID is Gangnam Beauty drama
My ID is Gangnam Beauty (cr: jTBC)

It’s time for the Kdrama of the day. Today, we will drop all the details on Kdrama- My Id Is Gangnam Beauty starring Im Soo Hyang and ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo. The article will cover everything from My Id Is Gangnam Beauty drama review to its plot and cast. Dealing with the issues of beauty standards, family problems, and more- the 2018 jTBC drama stole hearts globally. And three years later, it is still one of the most-streamed Kdrama. Therefore, we decided to add it to our list of Drama of the Week. 

The drama follows the life of Kang Mi-Rae and her life after she gets plastic surgery. She starts college as a freshman, but soon gets labeled as “Gangnam Beauty.” Her journey to self-love as she battles the tags and taunts will surely put a smile on your face.

The title “My Id Is Gangnam Beauty” is appropriate as it pinpoints how Gangnam, a popular neighborhood in Seoul, is a posh area, is primarily famous for plastic surgeries. Hence, “Artificial Beauty.”

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Drama Cast

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty cast includes Im Soo Hyang and ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo in the leading roles. Hyang plays Kang Mi Rae– a girl who was once bullied for her looks. As she gets ready to enter college, she decides to fix her face with several surgeries. It results in making her one of the most beautiful girls on campus. Even though she changes her appearance, she faces taunts and harsh comments. Nevertheless, she learns to stand up and ends the show with a strong-willed personality.

Cha Eun Woo plays Do Kyung Suk– the cold yet the popular boy on campus. He has a reserved nature but is still liked by all the girls in college. Kyung-Suk and Mi-Rae happen to be schoolmates, but he couldn’t identify her because of her new look. However, as the show evolves, we see him falling in love with her while also overcoming issues with his family.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty drama review and cast

My ID is Gangnam Beauty official poster (cr: jTBC)

Jo Woo Ri plays Hyun Soo Ah, the beautiful goddess of the campus. Just like Kyung-Suk, she possesses “real” beauty. Even though she comes as a beautiful face, she often tries to create problems for Mi-rae and Kyung-Suk. We learn about her eating habits, obsession, and being selfish enough to hold her status during the drama.

Kwak Dong Yeon plays Yeon Woo Young, a senior at the college, who soon develops feelings for Mi-Rae. Despite knowing about her “Gangnam” transformation, he falls in love with her honesty and inner beauty. But, instead of becoming a toxic second male lead, he, throughout the drama, gives wise advice and wins the viewers.

The drama also stars Park Yoo-Na, Park Joo-Mi, Woo Hyun, and Min Do Hee.

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My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Review – Watch It or Pass?

If You are a Kdrama fan, you must watch My Id Is Gangnam Beauty. The drama might revolve around young college-going students, but it equally battles with vital issues. From the outside, My Id Is Gangnam Beauty appears to be a typical college romance. However, once you witness all the episodes, you will encounter body image, feminism, Parent issues, and rigid beauty standards. Apart from the seriousness, viewers can enjoy the Heart-fluttering romance between the lead pair while the beautiful OSTsnplay in the background. Plus, Cha Eun Woo’s beauty is enough to tune in to the first episode.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty drama review and cast

cr: jTBC

The drama might look mediocre at first, but it displays the “after” effects of plastic surgery and how the “pretty” people perceive it. My ID is a Gangnam Beauty is a perfect example of how humans look down on a not-beautiful person. Moreover, the same does not stop even after a person tries to change themselves. Hence, it is clear that people and society never shut up. The beauty standards are high, but there is more to life than facial structure, pale skin color, and perfect lips.

The drama deals with other problems by showcasing family issues celebrates career women and elevating feminism. You can watch Kang Mi-Rae’s journey on Netflix, Viki, WeTV, and Apple TV.

My Id Is Gangnam Beauty OST

My Id Is Gangnam Beauty drama has some of the best OSTs. From “Something In Your Eyes” by Gang Haein to “rainbow Falling” by Cha Eun Woo, the playlist will make you waltz as you croon them along.

All of the songs from the drama are available on Spotify, here. 

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