Katsuko Sells The ‘Water Lillies’ Painting To Kazuki in ‘Iribito’ Episode 5

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Iribito I Otakukart
Iribito I Otakukart

Naho is finally settling in and feeling like herself in Kyoto. At first, she did not want to become Takano Sen’s disciple, but it is one of the best things that has happened to her. Also, living in her house as a guest, Naho finds a great spot for Tatsuru’s painting. Everyone appreciated the painting and how it makes them feel. In ‘Iribito’ episode 5, we will see Tatsuru pushing her limits and making a masterpiece extensively similar to the ‘Water Lillies’ painting.

Other than this, Naho’s mother meets Kazuki late at night to discuss the selling of the painting. To save Kazuki’s family from bankruptcy, Naho’s parents decide to sell the ‘Water Lillies’. However, there is an added price to this bargain. Katsuko expects much more from Kazuki than just a simple conversation. Keep reading to find out what happened in the previous episode.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

Till now, we have seen that Naho gets a text from Tatsuru asking her for help. She is not able to understand this and goes to Shozan’s manager to inquire about it. Instead of helping her with the matter, Mr. Shungo suggests Naho stay out of it and not cross the line. Later, Naho visits Takano Sen’s house and finds a Shozan painting in an unusual size. When she asks about it, Takano sensei says that it is a gift.

Later, Naho meets Masafumi san to get more details about Shozan sensei and his disciple. She finds out that Tatsuru is Shozan’s adopted daughter and her father was Shozan’s rival. After this, she texts Tatsuru asking what can she help her with. Even though Tatsuru tries, her fear of her master prevents her from asking for help again. On the other hand, Naho is settling in at Takano Sen’s house, and her will to move to Tokyo is shrinking every day. When she calls her husband, their conversation goes cold as she says that she is fine in Kyoto.

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Katsuko and Kazuki
Katsuko and Kazuki

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Naho’s ‘Water Lillies’ Are Sold

The next day after the calligraphy class, Takano Sen tells Naho that she is invited to meet Shozan sensei. Also, she wonders if Naho would like to join her? Naho agrees to come along to the meeting. Back in Tokyo, Kazuki’s father is making him ask Naho’s mother to sell the ‘Water Lillies’ painting that her grandfather cherished. Katsuko does not know this yet, so she postponed the meeting as she has to go to a dinner party. Still, Kazuki insists to meet after the dinner party.

Whereas in Kyoto, Naho is suffering from morning sickness and visits the doctor. Later at night, Naho keeps calling Kazuki, but he decides to ignore her calls as he is meeting her mother. As they sit down for drinks, Katsuko san cuts to the chase and directly asks him what favor does he want? Will Naho’s mother agree to sell the painting?

What Will Happen In The Upcoming Episode of ‘Iribito’?

When Katsuko asks Kazuki what he wants, he does not hesitate even for a moment to ask for Monet’s ‘Water Lillies’ painting. The selling of the painting also has an added price to it. Kazuki knows that he will have to sleep with Katsuko if he wants to convince her to sell the painting. The next day, Naho’s mother calls her to inform her that she has sold the ‘Water Lillies’ painting from their collection. Will Naho forgive her mother for this betrayal?

Tatsuru 'Water Lillies' painting
Tatsuru ‘Water Lillies’ painting

‘Iribito’ Episode 5 Release date

The Japanese drama ‘Iribito’ episode 5 release date is 26th December 2021. In the upcoming episode, Shozan is shocked to see the masterpiece Tatsuru has created on the big canvas. The painting is very similar to the ‘Water Lillies’. Also, when Naho sees the painting, she is shocked as no one has ever been able to make a painting in such close proximity to ‘Water Lillies’.

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Where To Watch ‘Iribito’ Episode 5

‘Iribito’ is a television drama broadcast by the WOWOW network. People living in Japan can watch the upcoming episodes every Sunday on the official network. As for international fans, there is no official streaming website available yet. So if you want to know the story stay tuned with Otakukart.

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