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Kate Winslet’s Exes and Past Relationships!

kate winslet husband
Kate Winslet

Today, we have all about Kate Winslet’s past relationships! Well, this article will focus on the real-world love story of the actress who played Rose DeWitt Bukater. The plot of Titanic had helped Kate Winslet to gain worldwide stardom. After this movie, not a single person on this entire planet would have been left untouched by the glory and fame of Kate Winslet. As the movie was a hit, which had gradually gained the title of “legendary movie,” it had engraved the love story of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater over the legacy of time. The movie got famous for witnessing the explicit pure love story. But apart from the reel world, what about the real-world love story of the actors whose acting had made this movie a blockbuster.

When it comes to Kate Winslet, who played the role of Rose DeWitt Bukater, then her real-world love story is also complicated. But here, the struggle was different. In the movie, she was able to find the love of her life but had eventually lost him against the fate decided by nature. But in the real world, it took her so much courage and time to find the one person with whom she could dream of living up to the doom’s day. During her entire love journey, she had halted at various stations before eventually finding that dream man. In this article, we will dive through her complicated love story! So, let us know more about Kate Winslet’s past relationships.

kate winslet husband

Star couple of the movie “Titanic” (Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet)

Love Journey of Kate Winslet

Let us start from the very beginning. And this is because it would help us to understand the complicated love journey of Kate Winslet. Before starting, it would be worth mentioning that when Kate was finally able to find her better half, she proudly said that the one similarity which she found between the several plots of the movies which she was part of and her original life story are the following lines.

She said the similarity is that it is not always like you would simply find your love. Your fate would make you believe that you have got your love, and eventually the destiny would reveal that it’s not like that. Throughout the whole movie, we think that at the final ending, the protagonist would settle with the man who made the first appearance in the plot. But towards the end, it comes out to be an entirely new person with whom the protagonist would live the remaining life.

Kate’s this explanation can lay the proper mindset to look after her original story. So let’s begin our hunt to know more about Kate Winslet’s past relationships!

kate winslet husband

Kate Winslet holding her Oscar

Stephen Tredre:

The very first time when Kate Winslet guessed that she had found the love of her life was with an English actor-writer Stephen Tredre. His full name was Stephen Ralph Tredre. Surprisingly, he was twelve years older than her. During several interviews, Kate had opened up her heart about the feelings she had for him. Kate has also mentioned his huge influence and impact on her life. They had also shifted together in London. But somehow the things went wrong.

And they had separated their ways in the year 1995. This separation was untouched by the respect and devotion they had for each other. They were very close even after their separation until the death of Stephen Tredre. Sources based on valid reports claim that the cause of his death was his illness. Stephen Tredre was suffering from bone cancer.

For attending Stephen Tredre’s funeral, Kate Winslet had taken the big step of skipping the premiere of Titanic. During an interview in 2008, Kate expressed her grief over the demise of her late close partner Stephen. She had also said that she was never able to get over his death, and the same thing might continue to the near future as well. And so we can say that Stephen holds a major role in the list of Kate Winslet’s past relationships!

Kate Winslet with Stephen Tredre

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Jim Threapletony: Kate Winslet’s first husband

The second on her love list is Jim Threapleton. James Edward Threapleton is an English film director. With whom, after dating for a year, she tied the knots in the November of 1998 at her primary school in Reading. So, Jim Threapleton was potentially able to add his name to the list of Kate Winslet’s past relationships! They met on the sets of the 1998 film Hideous Kinky. Where Jim Threapleton was the assistant director. Very soon their began engaging with each other, which had eventually resulted in love blossoms. And in the year 2000, their love for each other had blessed the couple with a cute daughter. Whom they have given the name Mia.

But then, things started falling out of their places. Kate Winslet described her conjugal to be a total mess. She felt herself to be undervalued. She lost control over her own life. Kate mentioned that Jim Threapletony was trying to get control of everything. Whether it’s her personal life or her professional life, and even public life, he even suggested the roles that weren’t good enough for her. All these things had ultimately made her end this marriage in the year 2001. At the very starting of the century, they had experienced such a bad thing! But again, this doesn’t mean that their future cannot be perfect!

kate winslet husband

Kate Winslet and her ex-husband Jim Threapleton with their child

Sam Mendes: Kate Winslet’s second husband

Just a few months after, when Kate Winslet had settled her divorce from her first husband, she met Sam Mendes. Sir Samuel Alexander Mendes is a British producer, film and stage director, and screenwriter. And their first meeting was also regarding a role in his play. He offered Kate to be a part of his upcoming play. Although she had turned down his offer, they started dating each other.

And in the May of 2013, the couple had exchanged the holy marriage vows on the island of Anguilla. And so, Sam Mendes was also potentially able to add his name to the list of Kate Winslet’s past relationships! Later in the very same year, the couple had welcomed their first child together. It was a baby boy whom they have named Joe Mendes. Everything was going nice. The family used to spend their time in New York and had frequent visits to their estate in the Cotswolds, England.

But very soon the things had started falling apart when the media speculated that her husband Sam Mendes was having an extramarital affair and was romantically engaged with the actress Rebecca Hall. Though the couple had never given any public explanation, they had announced their separation in 2010. They ultimately divorced a year later.

When Kate Winslet was asked about her condition after the divorce, she opened up her heart to express her pain. She said that she was heartbroken. But this would never be a challenge to her if we talked about parenting. She said that she is determined to look after her child no matter what her marital status would be!

kate winslet husband

Kate Winslet and her ex-husband Sam Mendes

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Louis Dowler

After separating her life from her second husband, Kate wasn’t in a good spirit. However, she was able to manage her work-life balance very well. Kate Winslet was then romantically engaged with model Louis Dowler. But they both had dated each other for a very short period, and because of that, there is no crispy information or news available about this couple. No matter how much time they had spent together, but it’s the fact that Louis was also potentially able to add his name to the list of Kate Winslet’s past relationships!

Kate Winslet and Louis Dowler

Edward Abel Smith: Kate Winslet’s third husband

And here, the list wound gets its terminal. And this is because Kate found her love in Edward Abel Smith.

Kate Winslet and her husband Edward Abel Smith

Kate Winslet’s husband: Edward Abel Smith

The last on the list is Edward Abel Smith. But it seems that he is the one whom Kate Winslet had wished to meet in her life. She found her perfect dream man within him. Sources say that the couple had first met around 2011. It happened when Kate was holidaying at Richard Branson’s estate on Necker Island. Kate Winslet met his nephew Edward Abel Smith during a house fire. After spending some time with each other, they were sure that both of them had found their perfect life partners. They discussed their likes and dislikes, then their expectations, and many more things related to their personal and professional life. Then guess what?

In the December of 2012, in New York, the couple had performed their nuptials. And then happiness paved the way in their life. Their wedding ceremony was embellished with their unstoppable smiles and peals of laughter. So, Edward Abel Smith is Kate Winslet’s third husband. And in the following year, another bundle of bliss had moved into their lives when together they had welcomed their first child. It was a baby boy. Together they have given him the name “Bear.”

Then they had moved back to England. There, Kate Winslet had purchased a property worth £3.25 million besides the sea in West Wittering, Sussex. During an interview, she expressed her love for living a peaceful life in the countryside.

kate winslet husband

Kate Winslet and Edward Abel Smith

Many a time, the media personalities have found Kate Winslet talking openly about her complex and dramatic love journey. She said that her conjugal life might surprise many because they may find it weird to have three marriages with a complicated past. But if they want to know her opinion, then for her, she does not consider it to be any “less of a family”.

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Edward Abel Smith Name Change

When we talk about changes, then we are habitual of this term. And this is because now and then we witness various things changing, so it’s never a big deal. But what if a renowned celebrity changes his famous name and that also twice! Well, similar to this line, the reason is also strange.

When Abel was born, he got the name Abel Smith. But gradually, with time, he thought of having the name Ned. He gained fame with this name. But again, at one point in his life, he felt like changing it more. And as a result of which, he came up with the name Ned Rocknroll. He was just crazy about this name.  This transformation of his name was done in 2008. He and Kate Winslet met for the first time in the year 2011, and so Kate was introduced to the name Ned Rocknroll.

Things were okay regarding his name until the couple was blessed with a baby boy named Bear Blaze Winslet. They called him this way and not as Bear Blaze Rocknroll because Kate found it uncomfortable.

In the January of 2021, when Kate Winslet was asked the strange question regarding the name change of her husband, Kate said to Jimmy Kimmel in his show that it might be because of the following reason.

She said that “at the time when he thought to change his name to Ned Rocknroll, he had not anticipated that what might happen if he should have a girlfriend whose name was Kate Winslet and who was quite well-known and thus the press might reasonably not react so well to the very fact that she had this boyfriend called then Rocknroll. So, it was a little tricky!”

And finally, he thought of regaining his original name when Kate had pointed him out. She complained that when she fills any forms like those of medical ones, where they have to mention the name of both the parents, then it becomes unbearable. And so he changed back his name legally in 2019.

kate winslet husband

Kate Winslet and Edward Abel Smith

Later, Kate had also given her dear husband a shout-out in her acceptance speech at the 2021 Emmys. During her appearance, she introduced the world with their deep and passionate love for each other. She talked about Abel openly to the media personalities. Kate said that when she was there ten years ago with Mildred Pierce, they had just met. She knew that she was going to spend her life with that man.

Kate further added that they were going to the Emmys, and she was in a whirlwind of romance. As she just had met him and so she couldn’t even concentrate. And thus, she vividly remembers making an appalling speech because she was not on planet earth, maybe because she had fallen in love with that person who she just met. So to have him there was quite special.

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