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Kardeslerim Episode 20: Release Date, Preview & Recap

kardeslerim episode 20 release date
kardeslerim episode 20

Today, we are going to discuss the most popular drama of the year, Kardeslerim. We will discuss the release date of Kardeslerim episode 20. Kardeslerim is one of the most loved drama series of the year. It is a Turkish drama. People from every corner of the world are watching Kardeslerim. Kardeslerim is ruling everybody’s heart. The creators of the show have said that they are so happy after seeing the immense story of Kardeslerim. The drama’s story and genre are fantastic. People have said that they have never thought that Kardeslerim will become their favorite drama in the reviews. They also added that its story is wonderful. Kardeslerim has now become a global topic.

People from all over the world are asking about its 3rd season. Kardeslerim’s fans are from all over the world. It has a total of 19 episodes. Each episode has got a million views. It seems that millions of viewers are watching the drama. Now, all 18 episodes are released. So, people are curious to know any related detail about Kardeslerim’s 19th episode. On every social media platform, people are asking the same asking. The creators of the show have said that they have got thousands of DMs on Instagram. People out there are dying to know about its release date. So, don’t worry readers. Here, Otakukart has all solutions to your problems. In this article, we will discuss the release date of Kardeslerim episode 20. We will also tell the story of the 20th episode. And we will also highlight some interesting points about the Kardeslerim & its cast.

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Kardeslerim Episode 20 Release Date

What is the release date of the 20th episode of Kardeslerim? This question has now become a trend of social media. Everybody is asking about its new episode. The series is going to be released on the 18th of September 2021. Yes, the next episode will be premiered on 18th September. The episode is going to be very interesting. The drama will be on-aired on ATV. Episode 20 will be uploaded on the Ayisha Thousif channel at 20:00. And also, the series will be available with the English subtitle. Later, in this article, we will discuss the story of Kardeslerim episode 20.

kardeslerim episode 20 release date

One of the scenes of Kardeslerim

Kardeslerim Episode 20: Story

Episode 20th is the lead of episode 19. The episode is based on family relations. Every Kardeslerim fan is aware of Kadir. Kadir is one of the characters of Kardeslerim. Kadir was in the prison due to some unethical issues related to bar. But Kadir was innocent. He hasn’t committed any crime. His brothers were continuously trying to get their brother out of the jail. Finally, at the end of the 20th episode, Kadir will be united with his brothers. He will be revealed from behind bars. It will be the emotional episode of Kardeslerim. Also, Doruk will get to know about his father. His father’s name is Akif. After knowing his dad’s bitter truth, Doruk & Asiye’s relationship turned to another path.

Kardeslerim: About & Cast

Kardeslerim is an iconic drama series of Turkey. Its genre is romance. It has a total of 2 seasons & 19 episodes. The drama is available in the Turkish language. But the creators have also provided English subtitles. It is a drama of 2021. The first episode was officially released on 20th February 2021. Gul Abus Semerci has written this story. Nazli Hepturk is the producer of this iconic drama series. Its episodes releases on ATV. Many popular actors have worked in this drama series. Let’s see some popular names who have worked in this drama.


First is Su Burcu Yazgi. She has portrayed the character of Asiye Eren. Next is Onur Seyit Yaran. He has portrayed Doruk Atakul’s role. Halit Ozgur has portrayed Kadir Eren’s role. The drama also have Yigit Kocak as Omer Eren, Cagla Simsek as Ayse, Melis Minkari as Aybike Eren & Turan Cihaan Simsek. The drama has also starred Ahu Yagtu as Suzan Manyasli, Fadik Sevin as Sengui Eren, Celil Nalcakan as Akif Atakul, etc. Next is Cuneyt Mete. He has portrayed the role of Orhan Eren. All the actors have great off-screen chemistry. Sometimes, they have spotted together celebrating a weekend or a holiday.

kardeslerim episode 20 release date

The cast of Kardeslerim

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