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Kajillionaire Ending And Plot Explained

Kajillionaire Ending

Today we will take a dip into the ocean of crime-comedy movies to get the Kajillionaire ending and plot explained. The 2020 crime-comedy movie directed by Miranda July is about a con artist family, who do minor thefts and scams to meet their monthly needs. However, the relations between the family get disturbed after an unknown woman enters their lives.

The film is a dark comedy that talks about the dynamics of relationships in a family. The story touches on the two topics that can affect a family to showcase those dynamics. In the first case, we see how a person can feel lonely and attention when their family cares about an outside person more than them. The second scenario is when a person doesn’t get the love and care from their family and thus sets out into the outer world to look for that attention. This movie touches on some really sensitive topics in a quirky, dark, and humorous manner.

What is Kajillionaire Ending and Plot?

The story revolves around Old Dolio Dyne and her family of con artists. They plan to scam an airlines company and claim the insurance money to pay their apartment’s rent. However, the Dyne family encounters a bubbly and flamboyant girl, Melanie. Soon Melanie gets too close to the Dyne parents that they reveal their plans to her, which shocks Old Dolio. Here we get to know that the family treat Old Dolio like a partner in crime instead of a daughter. After hearing it might take a few weeks to get the money, the family looks for alternate ways.


The Dyne Family.

Melanie is still hanging out with Dynes, which gives us the idea that their way of living intrigued her. Therefore, Melanie introduces the Dyne family to her elderly clients to scam them, as Melanie works at an eyeglass store. One day, Melanie takes them to a client, who was on the deathbed and asks the Dynes to pretend like his family. The client passes away while the Dynes was staying with him. Upon his death, Old Dolio doesn’t react much as she is emotionally blank, but the death disturbs Melanie. However, Old Dolio feels hurt as her parents rush to console Melanie while ignoring their own daughter. In these scenes, we see Old Dolio knowing about her actual desires for the first time.

One day when Old Dolio was out her parents tries to have a threesome with Melaine in the hot tub. However, Melanie doesn’t like the Dyne parents’ actions. At that point, Old Dolio gets back and hears her mother calls Melanie “Hon” which disturbs her. She complains to her mother that she never called her that. Then Old Dolio offers the entire airline scam money to her mother and asks to call her “Hon”. In this scene, we finally see Old Dolio speaking out loud about her desires than just listening to her manipulative parents.

Kajillionaire Ending

Melanie and Old Dolio grow closer while shopping for pancakes.

After her mother’s rejection, Melanie agrees to call her “Hon” and will take the money in return. Therefore, Melanie takes Old Dolio to her apartment, where we see her caring for Old Dolio. Then one day Melanie takes her to a dark place where Old Dolio finally speaks her heart out. However, after they come out of that dark washroom, we see Old Dolio act weirdly as if she broke free from the cage of her manipulative parents. Soon the Dyne parents visit Melanie’s apartment and give her 17 birthday gifts and ask them out on a dinner where they would give the 18th birthday gift. They further mention the gifts are returnable. They also say that they really love Old Dolio and including her in their schemes was actually their way of showing love.

When both Melanie and Old Dolio wake up the next morning, they find that Dyne’s parents have robbed them and also the insurance money, only leaving the birthday presents behind. When they return those gifts, realizing those gifts are worth Old Dolio’s share from the airline scam. This proved the Dyne parents loved their daughter but can’t treat her like normal people do. In the last scene, while returning the gift, we see Melanie and Old Dolio kissing each other while Bobby Vinton’s Mr. Lonely plays in the back. This scene is really beautiful, and finally, Old Dolio finds the person who loves and cares for her.

What is the review for Kajillionaire?

Miranda July with Evan Rachel Wood and Gina Rodriguez

Kajillionaire director Miranda July with Evan Rachel Wood and Gina Rodriguez.

Miranda July has a done a phenomenal job in directing this movie. Because the quirky and edgy scenes enhance the feel of the movie. There is no doubt the actors have done a phenomenal job. From the first scene, you will feel the loneliness in Old Dolio Dyne, portrayed by Evan Rachel Wood. Whereas you will feel hatred and disgust for Richard Jenkins and Debra Winger, who were playing the Dyne parents, they really made us think that nobody should have such parents. Gina Rodriguez outperformed her every past role by playing Melanie. Because at first, her flamboyant character was irritating to watch. But we see more depth and understanding of Melanie as the story develops.

Every fan and movie critics have appreciated this movie. The movie was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and soon followed by the demands for the digital distribution of the movie. It further got nominated in the 2021 GLAAD Media Award. Therefore, if you haven’t watched this masterpiece yet, then I highly suggest that you see this movie. You can watch Kajillionaire on online platforms like Prime Video, HBO Max, and Vudu.

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