Kaidou and Luffy Reveal New Attacks in One Piece Chapter 1042

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Kaidou Luffy New Attacks

One Piece Chapter 1042 Spoilers that are groundbreaking when they are finally released in full detail within the next day. For now, we have already seen One Piece Chapter 1042 updates, and we have an overall guide about what will be happening. Luffy and Kaidou new attacks have been revealed, and the battle is in its last moments.

After we get One Piece Chapter 1042 Spoilers, we will later get One Piece Chapter 1042 raw scans as they are usually released by Friday. So it will be interesting to finally see all this action in pictures, and we will also get to see the extent of Luffy’s injuries.

Kaidou seemed to be evenly matched against Luffy. But with the One Piece Chapter 1042 update, we saw that a little distraction in a fight of this level could cost one their lives. Just that we never expect Luffy to have such distraction in this very serious one-on-one battle.

Kaidou Seems To Be Winning The Battle

The normal saying goes that if it is a one-on-one battle against Kaidou, you should always bet on him to win. But this time, it looks like the world government wants to play it safe as they sent one of their agents to personally kill Luffy, who has been fighting Kaidou for a while.  The state that Kaidou and Luffy are in leaves them vulnerable. But as he has a Zoan type devil fruit power, Kaidou already has an endurance advantage which has been working very well for him.

Luffy’s new attack is called “Gomu Gomu no Over Kong Gun,” which we would assume that it is an upgraded version of the Kong Gun. So this time, Luffy will be using it in combination with his Haoshoku haki since it is the new power he has learned in Wano. Kaidou’s new attack is just the new version of his drunken modes. So we are yet to see what he will be like when he finally sets to settle this fight. This would mean that things will be finally settled on the Kaidou Luffy new attacks like the one who is stronger or has a slight advantage will probably be the winner.

Kaidou Luffy New Attacks
Luffy New Attack

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