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What Is Kaido’s Real From In One Piece Manga? Lineage Factor Explained!

Kaido Lineage Factor Revealed

Ever since Kaidou appeared on One Piece made his appearance as a creature instead of a human or belonging to a particular race. Kidou’s issue seems to be interesting, and that the manga will center around his pirate crew, then it would be interesting to try and understand what happened to him. At first, we did not know what kind of powers he possesses. And we were a little surprised when we got to learn that Kaidou has a fish fish fruit. Like what kind of a fish has horns and breathes fire?

Well, this in One Piece world, anything can happen; you just need the correct fruit for it. Or if it is a strange phenomenon, especially now that we are in the new world. One Piece creatures are vast, and we even have all sorts and sizes of creatures from humans who have two elbows to giants and elephants so tall such that the ocean doesn’t make it to its knees.

Now we know that Kaidou’s powers are more than just a fish-type fruit. But its model is the mythical zoan, blue(azure) dragon. Now it makes sense considering evolution; you could think that maybe there is some form of convergent evolution between the dragons and fish. Considering that Kaidou dragon powers look like an eel, which is basically a fish, then all the dots make sense. Looking back at the topic of the day, we also know that Kaidou got his devil fruit during the God Vally incident.

He was part of the Rocks Pirate together with Big Mom and White Beard. The big mom gave her the fish fish fruit, and he is indebted to her for a lifetime. The manga has also touched and explained very well on that issue.

Kaidou Origins and Rocks Pirates

Kaidou Devil Fruit

Kaidou’s Devil Fruit Azure Dragon

We now know that Kaidou is not some sort of artificial monster or a product of some sort of lab works like the pacifist. He was you ordinary monster like Oden, so imagine the likes of Oden with very powerful ancient zoan powers. Then from this, you will be able to get your ultimate monsters. This explains why Kaidou is now the strongest creature alive. His powers are not ranked by humans standards but by creatures’ standards meaning that he is compared to anything that is alive at this moment and comes out as the ultimate creature.

Now that we have cleared that part let’s take another step into this issue. We know that whenever the manga introduces new information, a lot of things change. We have already seen Big Mom’s past in the Totto Land arc and how she came to be what she is today. But not much was revealed about Kaidou except that the marines captured him as they wanted to replicate his powers. So we could say that his fruit is probably the strongest fruit out there.

And since he has already consumed it, then there was no other like it out there. We also know that the marine tried to kill him so many times. Maybe at this point, they wanted his fruit to be reborn into a different one. So that they can have one of the marines take those powers, and then they will be able to increase their arsenal.

But every effort to execute him has failed. He also tried to kill himself so many times, but it did not work. This means that the only way to ger Kaidou’s powers was to replicate them using his lineage factor, which is probably his DNA.

The Lineage Factor, Vegapunk, and Experiments on Kaidou’s Powers

all devil fruits ranked

Devil Fruits

If we consider how all these events happened, it makes sense that the world government wanted to replicate Kaidou’s powers because they could not kill him. The easiest way to get the fish fish fruit would be to kill its owner; then the powers transfer to the nearest fruit then the marines can gain the powers of this fruit. But since Kaidou is indestructible, then the best way would be to replicate the fruit. This was Vegapunk’s responsibility in the world government.

He experimented on Kaidou, trying to toy with his lineage factor so he can copy those powers to another devil fruit. If successful, this would mean that it will be the first fruit to have two powers. The result appeared to be successful, but Vegapunk said it was a failure and abandoned the experiment. But since Momonosuke consumed the failed experiment’s fruit and seems to be working fine, this would be a very rare fruit for him to have.

Also, we don’t really know Vegapunk’s intentions or what he really means when he said that it was a failed experiment. But we do know that it is a copy of Kaidou’s fruit. Instead of appearing as a blue dragon Momonosuke appeared as a pink dragon. So I guess maybe this makes his fruit the fish fish fruit model: pink dragon. We also don’t know if this fruit can reincarnate into a nearby fruit just like other fruits do. Vegapunk wanted to produce an exact copy, so he’s saying that it failed could mean many things. Considering that he seems to be a perfectionist, you could find out that he said it is a failed fruit because of a trivial issue like its color, for example.

Is Vegapunk’s Experiment Really a Failure?

Momonosuke devil fruit

Momonosuke devil fruit

Vegapunk’s experiment seems to be well so far. The fruit worked fine, and Momonosuke has not shown any side effects that one would expect from a failed scientific experiment. What Vegapunk wanted was a true copy. Meaning that a coup of Kaidou’s fruit for every inch of power and appearance it has. We already know that on the appearance part, if failed. Also, you might find out that this might be a one-time use fruit, which might not make it so useful because the power dies along with the owner.

If we could use Vegapunk’s standards, that would be a good reason to consider it a failed experiment. But at this point, we can not really analyze and identify why Vegapunk said it’s a failed experiment. We can only make assumptions, and we will likely be wrong. Because knowing how things go in One Piece, we will mostly be wrong most of the time. So Vegapunk is the only one who knows what he meant when he said it is a failed experiment.

Looking back at Kaidou’s powers, we now know that nothing has been tempered for his appearance and powers. It looks like Vegapunk only wanted to copy his powers into a different fruit. The world government only wanted Kaidou’s powers and wanted nothing to do with Kaidou himself. Whatever Vegapuk was doing, it was not to make Kaidou strong but to copy the powers in his lineage factor.

At this point, we don’t know much about the lineage factor. It is still a mystery, just like Vegapunk himself. He will appear later in the manga and will explain the lineage factor. At that moment, then a lot of things will come to light, especially when it comes to what devil fruits really are and what they do to people who eat them. How these fruits came to be, if they existed naturally or if some sort of kingdom, say the ancient kingdom made it.

Maybe Vegapunk also knows a thing or two about the void century, or the true nature of these fruits might be related to that. But for now, we are still in complete darkness when it comes to the true nature of the lineage factor, the devil fruits, or the void century. This just reminds us that One Piece manga will be really long. There is still a lot of things and stories to be told such that we can talk about them all day. Odan already has enough topics to write about in One Piece such that he can write for a lifetime and still not cover a lot of them.

The manga returns from the break next week, and we will get to see how the raid in Onigashima will continue. There is still a lot of things we don’t know about Kaidou and his powers; as the fight continues, a lot of things will come to light. We will be shocked by most of them, just like Oden’s appearance did. So One Piece still has a lot to tell that is way out of our imagination.

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