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Preview & Recap: Kageki Shojo Episode 3

Kageki Shojo
Kageki Shojo

The journey of Ai and Sarasa continues after getting enrolled in the new academy. Sarasa praises the new Kouka uniform and the guidance week along with the ceremony behind them. Ai realizes that Sarasa is lazy to wake up, and she has to wake her up every day. The next day in the morning, Ai tried to wake up Sarasa and notices that she is tired. Sugimoto approaches her, and they both greet each other and Sugimoto asks about troublesome Sarasa. Ai replies that Sarasa couldn’t wake up, and Sugimoto decided to wake her up. More Kageki Shojo updated below.

Sugimoto enters the room and pulls off the blanket, and reminds Sarasa that she doesn’t want to be late on her first day. Sarasa looks at the time and notices that it is 5:30, wondering if they have exercised with the JSDF. Sugimoto told Sarasa that they are meeting people who are scarier than the JSDF. The episode title is ”Those Who Long to Cross the Silver Bridge.” Later the students arrive at the hall, and Sawa Gugimoto told the first-year students that she is their representative. Sugimoto apologizes that they’re late, and they said to her that there are still five minutes to until six.

Sarasa wonders who are those lovely ladies and a student near her told her that they are the second-year students, the 99th Kouka Class. The other class leader comments that she is not surprised that Sawa Sugimoto is representing her class. Sawa Sugimoto replies that the faculty told her the highest exam scorer earns privilege. The lady greets the first years and thanks to them for arriving in time. She reveals that she is Tomomi Takei, who is representing the second-year students.

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Previously on Kageki Shojo Episode 2

Takei reminds the students about cleaning and how they will carry out their duties. Sarasa was the last one when they collaborated, and Takei realizes that Sarasa said she would be a top star. Takei learns that each firsts year student has got assigned a second-year student advisor. Takei addresses that the second-year students will support and give the first-year students advice throughout the year; The students wonder how the second-year students will treat them.

Takei told them when she calls their name, they must come forward and go to cleaning. Inside the Japanese room, Ai met with a second-year who said she would be her advisor. The girl reveals that she is Hijiri Nojimi, vice president of the second-year class. Nojimi said Ai’s eyelashes are so long, and she wonders why her skin is pale. Nojimi asks her why she chose JPX and reminds her that everyone is fighting to be her advisor. Ai thanks Nojimi for helping her, and Nojimi replies that she did a rock-paper-scissors tournament to win to be Ais’s advisor.

Nojimi wonders if she has become the center for JPX and Ai notices that Nojimi likes to talk. The girls talked about the audition for JPX, and Nojimi said if she didn’t make it to Kouka, she would have joined JPX. Nojimi also said everyone in JPX is cute, lively and they have big smiles. Nojimi is honored to Ai’s big sister until next year. Ai wonders if Nojimi was one of her fans. The two teach each other how they should clean the room. Ai thinks that Nojimi is Momo Kozono’s fan since she is lively, cute, and shows a smile.

Kageki Shojo

Kageki Shojo

Big Sisters

Nojimi asks Ai if she wants to play women as a Musume-Yaku. Ai replies that she will enjoy playing any role. Nojimi is glad to find a big sister like Ai since she won’t have much trouble and won’t give each other headaches.  Ai enjoys cleaning, and Nojimi continues to talk. Nojimi said some second years are mean to their first-years, and the competition will start long before they can get into the Troupe. Everything started when Ai steps her first foot into the entrance of the school.

Nojimi took the broom showing Ai how she sweeps the floor. Meanwhile, Risa Nakayama met with Sarasa and told her that she is her student advisor. Everyone notice that Sarasa got the tough one. Sarasa said her advisor is a Latin beauty with a rockin’ bod. Risa notices that Sarasa will be hard to handle since she is too active. Risa told Sarasa that she hates it when people call her a beautiful Latin. Sarasa stood like a soldier listening to the orders coming from Risa. Risa told Sarasa that she would be cleaning the traditional dance classroom.

Sarasa notices that Risa won’t be helpful and wonders if she has to clean the room alone for two hours. Risa relaxes as Sarasa struggles to clean the room alone using a mini scrub and notices that it will take her the whole day to finish. Risa told Sarasa to be quick, or she will be late for her classes. Sarasa decided to work hard while trying to impress Risa. Later the students talked about the bridge that only Kouka’s most dazzlings stars can cross. The students realize that is where they want to be, and Ai learns it is a silver bridge.

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Kageki Shojo Episode 3 Release Date

Kageki Shojo Episode 3 release date is 18 July 2021. You can watch Kageki Shojo online on Funimation, ANIPLUS, and Wakanim.

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