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Kageki Shojo Episode 11: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Kageki Shojo

The selection of the new leader of the Troupe starts with Kageki Shojo Episode 11, with Akiha gathering the first-year students at the hall lining up for the selections. Kageki Shojo reveals the idol story of Saras and Ai, who recently joined Kouka Academy to achieve their dreams. From the latest Kageki Shojo episode, Akiha told the students that Summer Troupe had asked them to pick someone to sub in. The other students wonder why they are picking ”her.” The students who heard the rumors know who they are talking about, and some want her to be a sub, but some are against that idea.

Akiha explains why they choose her since this is their centennial year, and they wanted someone from the 100th class. But they could have picked up the top student in the grade, and they have decided to try something different and new. Akiha reveals that she will be counting on Sarasa Watanabe. Sarasa is surprised that they were talking about her, and she is the new sub. The students who like here are glad since Sara always lightens the mood when she is around. The other girls were not thrilled about Sarasa getting picked.

Ai wonders if Sarsa will manage to cooperate with those against the idea. The following day, Sarsa met with two girls who greeted her and talked about cleaning. Hijiri asks Sarasa if she will be helping with the cleaning. Sugimoto notices that the two are here to trouble Sarasa. Hijiri asks they have met with the Summer Troupe participants. Sarasa replies that they had their meeting for everyone participating in the relay race, and their top star is Roe Shiina.

Previously on Kageki Shojo Episode 10

Hijiri talked about Akia Shion, and Jou Kisaragi asks ing if they say something to Sarasa. Sarasa replies that they told her that she is tall, and Hijiri comments that Sarasa is known for her height. Sarasa is like the birdlime tree, and she would have picked Narata instead of Sarasa. People like to see Narata on stage, and she would make an outstanding performance. Hijiri adds that she has accepted that the students must let the stars shine, and Sarasa must do her best to shine. Sarasa replies that she works hard to achieve that. Sugimoto realizes that Hijiri is insulting Sarsa, who doesn’t care, thinking it is a compliment.

Kageki Shojo

Kageki Shojo

Hijiri comments that Sarasa doesn’t understand whats he is saying and decides to tell her without beating around the bush. She told Sara not to waste her time trying to shine like a star since the only people who would stand out are the actual member of the Troupe. She hit Sarasa with heavy words and left Sarasa with Sugimoto, but Sarasa has taken those words far too literally. Ai noticed that, and Sarsa locked herself inside her room. Sarasa keeps on thinking about what Hijiri has told her.

Sarasa comments that a wise man once said don’t think but feel. She asks Ai about JPX and if she was nervous out on stage. Ai asks her if she is scared, and Sarasa agrees. Ai told her that she used to have stage fright when she begins, but she manages to get used to it. Sarasa realizes that she has to learn that before the Sports Festival. Ai narrate the story of Romeo and Julies that happened during the summer, and she was part of the play. Later the Summer Festival begins, and Sarasa puts on a brilliant performance.

Kageki Shojo


Kageki Shojo Episode 11 Release Date

Kageki-Shojo Episode 11 will be released on Sunday, 12 September 2021, at 12:00 AM. The next episode of  Kageki Shojo will be on Sunday, and it will be the last episode of this anime. Look at the Kageki Shojo recent updates below.

Where To Watch Kageki Shojo Episode 11

You can watch Kageki Shojo Episode 11 online on Funimation. Kageki Shojo has an official Twitter and website that announces daily updates of the anime. The new episodes of Kageki Shojo air online on Funimation and other streaming websites with English subtitles.

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