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Kageki Shojo!! Episode 1 – New Musical Drama Anime Series

Kageki Shojo

Kageki Shojo is a new anime adapted from the manga in Kouka Kageki Musical Drama Academy, which offers musical lessons like that at the Takarazuka Revue? The actress who plays male and female roles are separated to perform their functions. Ai Narada was an idol who became a Musume-Yaku, a female role actress, and later met with a farm girl, Sarasa Watanabe, an Otoko-Yaku, a male role actress. The two became best friends ever seen before. Let’s look at  Kageki Shojo’s updates below.

One day, Ai bumps with a fan, who knows that she is a former member of “Naracchi” from the JPX48 idol group. But Ai got scared and ran away since the fan approached her like a ghost. The guy met with her uncle, who wonders why Ai is running. Ai told her uncle that the strange guy touched her. That guy gives her a note from Kouka Academy of Music, and she finds that she passed phase one. Ai gets excited and realizes that she will leave the world where she has to stay around men if she enters gain.

The day of the second phase arrives, and everyone who is participating recognizes Ai. Ai saw cherry blossom and decided to take a look, but she finds no one there. Taichi saw Ai’s movements and realizes that he forget to tell her something important. Anyone who stands near Kouka cherry blossom before entering the school faces trouble, and they won’t reach the top since it is like a curse. Sarasa also comes near the cherry blossom after seeing Ai near it, and she finds that it is beautiful.

Kageki Shojo!! Summary

Sarasa asks for a picture, and Ai got surprised while accidentally dropping her letter by the window, and it got blown by the wind. Saraa notices that Ai has lost her ticket to her dream and retrieves that letter and hands it over to Ai. Sarasa’s story begins the day she was learning to ride a bike and met with her grandfather. Ken helped Sarasa to ride the bike and gave her a letter from Kouka Academy of Music. She heads to Ken’s tatami shop, where the citizens discovered that Sarasa is Ken’s grandchild; she received a letter from the academy.

The citizens get excited that someone from their village will become popular. They are happy that Sarasa will change the lives of many citizens around here. The citizens worried that Sarasa will be left alone and wonders how she will manage alone since she knows no one there. Ken is excited that his grandchild will become something and restore the honor of their clan. Sarasa realizes that she will be leaving Ken alone. But he scolded her and told her that his dream is for her to attend that academy.

Competitive All-girls School

She realizes that her grandfather will be fine alone. Sarasa realizes that she might play “Oscar-sama” as only the Kouka Troupe doing that play. Later Srasa opens that letter and finds that she had advanced to the second phase and decided to do her best when she arrives at the school. On the first day of her school, she helps Ai by giving her something precious that Ai lost. The journey between the two students begins as they persuade their dreams to become the best and make their families happy.

Kageki Shojo!!

Kageki Shojo!!

Narata Ai and Sarasa share the same dreams to become an idol. But they are disgraced by a former model who wants to live in a world full of women. The model wants a world with no men to deal with men. The two became each other’s support as they cleared the path to their goals and became rival friends aiming to reach great heights. The stage is ready for the two girls to enter the limelight and take the first step toward stardom. The duo became competitive and began to shine in a competitive all-girls school.

The story between the two girls became a wonderful one. The anime will hit early in the first week, making its first appearance on screens. The manga has already had more than five volumes that will get translated to anime. The truth beyond Sara’s and Ai will get revealed as the anime continues. That’s all we manage to bring about the latest updates of this anime. We will meet again after the anime release its first episode on the date mentioned below. Tale a look at the following.

Kageki Shojo!! Episode 1 Release Date

Kageki Shojo!! Episode 1 release date is 4 July 2021. Kageki Shojo!! Is available on its official website on

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