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K-Pop Group Leaders Of The Year 2021

K-Pop Group Leaders Of The Year 2021
K-Pop Group Leaders Of The Year 2021

With the emergence of K-pop or Hallyu Wave, K-pop group leaders have also become hot topics. Any k-pop group’s success and growth largely depend on how that group’s leader instructs them, guides them, and manages the group. Sometimes the task becomes even difficult when the group consists of large members. There are numerous k-pop groups with more than ten members, such as Seventeen, Loona, EXO, NCT, The Boyz, Pentagon, Super Junior, etc. However, leading small groups is even challenging when all members possess different personalities. A true leader who would lead, understand them most is what all k-pop groups require. 

Whether it be popular groups like BTSBLACKPINK, EXO, Seventeen, or underrated groups like Dreamcatcher, SF9, Nu’est, The Rose, etc. Every group needs a leader who will manage, lead, and motive the members to move forward even during a rough time. Which is definitely not an easy thing to do. Therefore, every k-pop group has a leader who is a perfect match for them. Before proceeding, note that the following list does not include all k-pop group leaders. Indeed, numerous praiseworthy leaders deserve recognition for their efforts. We choose only some of them. Thus, do not get discouraged if your bias is not on the list. After all, fans’ support is what makes those idols keep going, so always support your bias! 

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K-Pop Group Leaders Of The Year 2021

10. Onew (SHINee) 

A loving and gentle soul has made on k-pop group leaders of the year 2021, SHINee’s leader Lee Jin Ki, better known by his stage name Onew! One of the most beautiful, calm, and loving leaders is none other than SHINee’s Onew. SHINee is one of those groups with the least to no controversies or rumors, and it is all thanks to Onew’s leadership. Onew is more like a hyung (brother) to the member, which makes them comfortable to open up about their issues, worries to him. He demonstrates leadership, where he allows the other members to input their views, opinions rather than merely telling them to do this or that. He never considers himself superior but rather equal to other SHINee members. As we all know, SHINee has gone through a very rough time where they lost one precious member. Coming from such a grieving period and motivating and leading the other members, Onew did very well. He himself must have gone through a hard time, but he never let that shadowed SHINee’s growth. Like with members, Onew is also more loving and caring towards their fans, Shawols, and always appreciates their love and support for SHINee. 

K-Pop Group Leaders Of The Year 2021

SHINee’s leader Onew

9. Jinjin (ASTRO)

Here comes ASTRO’s leader Park Jin Woo, better know by his stage name Jinjin, has made on the list of k-pop group leaders 2021! Like his appearance, Jinjin is a calm and kind leader of ASTRO. Some people may not agree with him being a leader of the group. However, he truly deserves to be. Jinjin is one of those leaders who let his group members solve their issues on their own. That may not be seen positively by some. However, he understands that being an individual is as important as being part of a team itself. He let ASTRO members handle their issues on their own, but at the same time stay beside them and guide them whenever they require. That is one of the great qualities a true leader possesses. He may seem close, but he is more of an ‘analyzing situations and then act accordingly’ type of person. AHORAs appreciate ASTRO’s leader Jinjin for always looking after each member and quietly directing them. Jinjin is more like a silent leader who encourage and support his group from the side and let the members shine brightly in front of their fans, AHORAs. 

K-Pop Group Leaders Of The Year 2021

ASTRO’s leader Jinjin

8. Leeteuk (Super Junior)

How can we skip one of the most popular and respected k-pop group leaders when preparing the list. Here is Super Junior’s leader Park Jung Soo, better known by his stage name Leeteuk. Being a leader of a 13-member group at a young age was not something he even thought of. Not to mention he even accepted that challenge and still continuing even after reaching almost 15 years. Leeteuk being a leader of the group with the large members with different personalities, has gone through a rough time while managing the group. However, never once could you see his smile flattering while working for Super Junior. Leeteuk is well-known as a kind, gentle yet strict leader, a perfect combination any leader should acquire. During Super Junior’s rough patch, Leeteuk stood like a strong pillar, supporting every member and moving the group in the direction of success. Even ELFs know that Leeteuk is one of the reasons that Super Junior comes so far under his leadership. Even during his busy schedules that would worn him out, Leeteuk would advise and supervise the members all the time. With his charming smile, gentle nature, and powerful vocal, Leeteuk has been leading Super Junior for fifteen years now. 

K-Pop Group Leaders Of The Year 2021

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk

7. S.Coups (Seventeen)

Seventeen’s leader Choi Seungcheol, better known by his stage name S.Coups, is on the k-pop group leaders list! Seventeen’s leader is best known for encouraging his group members and being calm yet a mischievous leader. Managing a group of thirteen members with different personalities and preferences is definitely not an easy job. However, leader S.Coups is doing a great job handling his boys very well. Seungcheol often refers as a father figure of Seventeen. During various shows, events, fan meetings, S.Coups urges his fellow members to initiate and speak, to be expressive. He never gets into any members’ speech and calmly listens to their worries and problems. All other members praise him for supporting the group whenever they need him. Many CARATs appreciate S.Coups leadership as he guides Seventeen and let every member shine on the stage. The same goes for their fans. S.Coups appreciates their CARATs, who love and adore Seventeen endlessly. Whether it be on camera or off camera, Seventeen’s leader S.Coup finds a way to let his group shine brightly and lead them to a victorious path. 

K-Pop Group Leaders Of The Year 2021

Seventeen’s leader S.Coups

6. Jihyo (TWICE)

A sweetheart has made on the k-pop group leaders list, TWICE’ leader Park Ji Soo, better known for her stage name Jihyo. Unlike other leaders, Jihyo is more like an affiliative leader. Even after being a trainee for the longest time and going through various hardships, she is always gentle and sweet while leading her girl group. The interesting fact is TWICE members themselves chose Jihyo as a leader. They all praise Jihyo for being the reliable and trustworthy leader they all require. Like a sweet mama bear, Jihyo directs and look after her group members. She takes care of her fellow members’ routines, helps them whenever required, even if she herself is tired. As a leader and main vocalist of TWICE, Jihyo has written various songs that lead to the success and growth of TWICE. Knowing being a leader, you have to be responsible for your group Jihyo handles the tricky situation very carefully. She firmly speaks on the behalf of the members, proudly representing her group. Her love for ONCEs is no less. Jihyo likes to stay connected with her ONCEs, letting them know that she and her members are always grateful for their love and support. 

K-Pop Group Leaders Of The Year 2021

TWICE’s leader Jihyo

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5. Jay B (GOT7)

GOT7’s leader Lim Jae Beom, better known by his stage name Jay B, comes on the k-pop group leader list of the year 2021! GOT7’s Jay B has proven an inspirational leader of all time. A true leader even after the group not actively running. In January 2021, GOT7 together left the company but still are sticking together as a group, which is admirable. The main reason behind this is none other than GOT7’s leader Jay B. After leaving the company, all members working on their individual pieces while Jay B has another plan. It revealed that while members were preparing for their solo work, Jay B worked for their group. Jay B has been studying business aspects needed for GOT7 to release new pieces, including distribution work, legal formalities, trademark transfer, practical things, etc. He is doing it all as a leader of GOT7 so they could get release music. Ahgases and the members are truly grateful for having Jay B as their leader who thinks of the member even before himself. Even while they were working together, Jay B was a true leader who always eases the anxiety and stress off the members during their rough days. Such an inspirational and praiseworthy leader must be on the k-pop group leaders list 2021. 

K-Pop Group Leaders Of The Year 2021

GOT7’s leader Jay B

4. Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

Another great leader has made on the list, Stray Kids’ leader Christopher Bang, better known by his stage name Bang Chan. Bang Chan is best known as an encouraging leader. Being trainee for longest period and debuting later than his peers, Bang Chan had gone through rough patch very early in life. But he never allows it to discourage him. Bang Chan as leader directs and motivates his group members. He never misses chance to express his gratefulness for loving and adoring Stray Kids. As a leader, Bang Chan handpicks from a to z for his group’s sake, whether it be songwriting, composing, arranging or recording. He regularly connects with STAYs, updating their fans about the group’s schedule, other events, delivering his appreciation. Bang Chan is even ready to sacrifice for Stray Kids’ well-being. He even became a punching bag and handled all negativity and offensive comments for himself so no other member could get severely hurt. As the gentle soul is he, Bang Chan does not hesitate to showcase his leadership when it needs to be. Thus, such a supportive leader makes it on the k-pop group leader list! 

K-Pop Group Leaders Of The Year 2021

Stray Kids’ leader Bang Chan

3. Solar (Mamamoo)

On the third position comes mama bear from girl group Mamamoo’s leader Kim Yong Sun, better known by her stage name Solar! With a bubbly and cheerful personality but with a fierce look, Mamamoo’s Solar demonstrates outstanding leadership. Solar is one of the inspirational girl group leaders that breaks all prejudices, stereotype, and criticism to rise and protect her group. Whether it be ill-intend questions from media, stereotype Korean standards, or fear of becoming a leader for the first time, Solar has overcome all of them. Therefore, she proudly leads Mamamoo through all controversies, offensive and hateful comments towards a successful and bright future. Solar never hesitate to break her image if it is for Mamamoo’s sake. She would be cheerful, funny, mood maker, empathic, and caring for her group. Even for MooMoos, Solar has built a platform to create awareness about various issues such as preserving the environment on National Polar Bear Day. Till date, Mamamoo has been criticized for numerous reasons, whether it be for their look, their clothing style, or be it their attitude, Solar has always managed each and every obstacle calmly, at the same time protecting his group members fiercely. Do not get fooled by Solar’s bright and humorous side. She can be fierce when need to be. Thus securing one of the top positions on the k-pop leaders list. 

K-Pop Group Leaders Of The Year 2021

Mamamoo’s leader Solar

2. Suho (EXO)

Here comes another gentle and polite soul who demonstrates exceptional leadership, EXO’s leader Kim Jun Myeon, better known by his stage name Suho! Suho is one of those leaders who showcases a perfect balance of firm and gentle features. From trainee days till now, Suho has been looking after EXO members like any older brother would do for their siblings. But at the same time, like a leader, Suho guides his group members, always encourages them to participate in public speaking and speeches. Suho never fails to express his feelings of gratefulness to EXO members, his fans, and even fellow artists. In any shows or award ceremonies, you could see Suho perfectly represent EXO that no one could deny but fell for his polite and gentle charm. As a leader of EXO, he is always on guard to protect his group members. There have been numerous incidents that have proven Suho being a great leader EXO ever could have, whether it be on the stage or off the stage. Suho knows being a leader, he needs to be strong not only for EXO members but also for himself. Because only then he will be able to protect and direct his group. And everyone knows that Suho is doing a great job of being EXO’s leader. 

K-Pop Group Leaders Of The Year 2021

EXO’s leader Suho

1. RM (BTS)

The top position of K-pop group leader of the year 2021 is secured by BTS’s leader Kim Nam Joon, better known by his stage name RM! Not only from BTS members’ perspective but also from ARMYs and public point of view, RM is the best leader any group would want. As a leader, RM’s contribution is immense. He always leads and supports group members to express their thoughts. As a great spokesperson of BTS, RM always delivers positive, encouraging messages and never misses to mention his members in the speeches, showcasing good leadership. RM is also well known for his intellectuality and love for art and the environment. Being a great rapper, songwriter, and record producer, RM influentially contributes to BTS’s success. Even during their trainee days, RM kept everyone together and never fell for the scheme of disbanding the group. That is where he proves strength and affection for his group members. Almost every AMRY known that RM transfers all negative, hateful comments into positive, encouraging ones for BTS members and keeps himself all negativity. Going through years of struggles, RM is one of the reasons for BTS’s success and unity. There is no one other than RM who deserves the top position of k-pop leaders of all time. 

K-Pop Group Leaders Of The Year 2021

BTS’s leader RM

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