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K-Pop Album of the Year 2021 – Nominations and Awards

K-Pop Album of the Year 2021 is a much-anticipated question that all Korean fans around the globe want to know. Who got the best title, who stole the game, and who managed to set a benchmark are the questions we’ll be dealing with. Korean Music Awards were recently hosted online due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Korean Music Awards is hosted annually every year, and it honors and gives light to artists from both mainstream and independent artists. The awards hosted and gave prizes to many recognized and growing musicians and pop singers. Jeongmilla’s “CheongPa Sonata, “was nominated for the best album of the year and likewise won the game as well.

K-Pop Album of the Year: Cheong Pa Sonata

Jeongmilla's "CheongPa Sonata

Jeongmilla’ artist of the album “CheongPa Sonata

The artist and singer Jeongmilla’s “CheongPa Sonata was richly and highly acclaimed for its performance. She gradually won the Album of the year. Singer-songwriter Jeongmilla thanked all her fans for the love they showered on them. She stated in her acceptance speech-” I don’t know where you all are, but thank you to everyone who listened to my music”. Her high potential and calm energy helped her gain success. Not only did she win the best album of the year, but she also fetched two more awards. She won the best song folk and best album folk alongside her best album of the year in the Korean music awards. Her album CheongPa Sonata is inspired by the quaint and historic neighborhood of Cheongpa-dong and was easily able to set a mark on the Korean audience.

Song Of The Year K-Pop

BTS- Dynamite

BTS- Dynamite

We talk about K-Pop and miss out on BTS how is that even possible. Of course, the talent and dedication that BTS has been showing are unmatched. BTS won Song of the year for Dynamite in the Korean music award. It is the band’s first song fully recorded in English and made history. It was released on 21st August 2020 through Sony and Big Hit Entertainment. Not only that it crashed the internet as soon as it was released, but it was also the most-viewed YouTube video in 24 hours. Dynamite has even won more than 20 awards since its release and continues making history.

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Notable Mentions of K-Pop Album 2021

Few other notable mentions of 2021 that were able to catch the eye of the viewers were – Chung Ha’s Querencia, SHINee’s Don’t Call me, DPR IAN’s mood swings in this order, I burn by (G)I-DLE, and Dystopia: Road to Utopia by Dreamcatcher.

Chung Ha’s Querencia was released on 15th February 2021. Querencia is the debut single album by Chung Ha. The languages used in the album are Korean, English, and Spanish. Querenciaattained both commercial and critical success. It did immensely well for a single debut album and had a total of 21 songs in it. It received favorable comments from both the critics and the listeners. The album was made by the MNH studios and sung by Chunga. Chunga is a South Korean singer, songwriter, dancer, and choreographer. Her actual name is Kim Chung Ha, but she is popularly known as Chunga. Querencia is one of her successful works, which got immense attention a well as recognition.



SHINee’s Don’t Call Me was released on 22nd February 2021. It is the seventh Korean studio album by Shinee. The album was released through SM entertainment since the Shinee boy group is also a part of SM Entertainment. The album Don’t Call Me even peaked at number one on the Gaon Album Chart.

DPR IAN’s mood swings in this order are DPR IAN’s first solo album and was released on 12th March 2021. After a long wait, his fans got to see his work again and made a mark in the market immediately. The songs and the album was liked by a lot of people and are also available on youtube music and Wynk.

I burn by (G)I-DLE was released on 11th January 2021 and used the language Korean and English in bit parts of the singing. It is an extended play by the South Korean girl’s group (G)I-DLE, and the album was released was the cube entertainment and Republic records. It was a commercially successful album and surpassed 1000000 copies. The album was well appreciated by the audience and critics and is available on Jio Savan, Spotify, Youtube Music, and wynk.

I burn by (G)I-DLE

I burn by (G)I-DLE

A few other albums like Dystopia: Road to Utopia by Dreamcatcher, AB6IX Salute a new hope, The first step treasure effect by treasure are a few notable works that did quite well this year. Of course, the year hasn’t yet ended, and we’ll get to see more and more good works throughout the year. After all, it’s a world of k-pop, we are talking about who surpasses whom and when are the unpredictable questions. Which of these K-Pop albums is your favorite do let us know.

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