JYP Entertainment’s New Girl Group NMIXX: Meet the Group Members!

JYP Entertainment is going to launch a new K-Pop girl group for the first time in three years. The star agency have been teasing on its debut since August, last year, releasing short videos of the members on dancing, rapping and singing time to time. It was done through a pre-promotion project designed by their team that was developed for about four months till November, over a set of fourteen episodes. They had trademarked the group’s name, NMIXX, back in September, but announced it just a couple of days ago on January 26, 2022.

JYP Entertainment is known for producing some of the most successful girl groups of all time including Wonder Girls, Miss A, ITZY and TWICE. Naturally, people can’t help but anticipate for the debut of NMIXX as there is a high chance that it is going to be a big name in the coming years among the fourth-generation K-pop idols.

NMIXX: Group Debut

Although JYP hasn’t yet announced the exact date of their debut, it’s confirmed that they are going to make a grand entry in February with the girl group’s debut single. It has also revealed that the ‘Blind Package’ of the band will be a limited edition, consisting of a CD, photocard, poster, photobook, polaroid, and more. The preorders of ‘Blind Package’ had already surpassed 60 thousands last July, showcasing the excitement of the fans! Moreover, within just five months of the opening of JYPn, their pre-debut project, their official YouTube channel recorded more than 22.4 million views.


NMIXX: Group Members

If you had been thinking that the newly created group will consist of a group of unknown trainees who would be new to the K-pop music industry, you probably need to think again. The group will consist of seven members in all, some of whom have been a part of JYP since a long time as trainees.

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According to the agency, all the seven young girls will be all-rounders in every sphere and wouldn’t be measured on the basis of a specific position like other K-pop groups. NMIXX will have seven aces, seven dancers, seven vocalists and seven visual members! This concept will indeed open a whole lot of platforms for them to showcase their talents. It even proves their versatility as K-pop idols full of young blood.

Let’s get enlightened on the members of NMIXX:

Lily M

Lily Morrow aka Lily M is going to be the oldest member of the group and is currently the most popular one. She has been training under JYP for the last seven years and is going to make her debut at the age of twenty. Even before JYP, she had been on fans’ radar as a participant of the reality television series, K-pop Star in 2014, when she was 12. She didn’t miss the opportunity to impress the audience with her singing skills by tracks sung by popular artists like Demi Lovato and 2NE1. We won’t be surprised if Lily M ends up being chosen as the leader of the band!


The sixth member revealed by JYP to be a part of NMIXX is Oh Hae Won. Born in 2003, she has been a trainee under the agency for over four years.

Lily and Haewon
Lily and Haewon


Seol Yoon A aka Sullyoon entered the JYP Entertainment in 2020 as a trainee through a private audition. Known for being accepted by each of the ‘Big Three’ K-pop agencies— SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, along with Fantagio and TS, Sullyoon used to be a trainee under Woollim Entertainment.


With Choi Yun Jin as her birth name, Jinni first joined the agency back in 2016. Her appearance in the music video of ‘Lucky Charm’ by 2PM‘s Nichkhun is quite memorable.


She joining the agency after catching the eyes of a JYP Entertainment staff in 2018 in front of her school. Bae Jin Sol made an appearance in 2019 on the JYP Trainee Homecoming Showcase.


Kim Ji Woo comes from a background of dancing and got into training with JYP in 2018.


The maknae of the group, Jang Kyu Jin hails from the dance background as well and entered JYP in 2018 at the age of twelve.

We are sure your minds and hearts are already at a war for choosing your bias!

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