Jung Hae In Gets A Surprise Visit From The Snowdrop Co-stars!

jung hae in
Jung Hae In Gets A Surprise Visit From The Snowdrop Co-stars!

After all the controversies and protests, JTBC’s k-drama ‘Snowdrop’ is only a few episodes from ending. While the filming is soon wrapping up on the sets, the actors are already moving on to their new projects. With the increasing popularity, Jung Hae In has already started filming for the upcoming k-drama ‘Connect’. Directed by the Japanese director Takashi Miike, this will be the director’s debut in the Korean dramas industry. He’s known for Japanese hit films such as “Audition,” “Ichi the Killer,” and “13 Assassins”. While Jung Hae In was busy filming on the sets in the cold nights, his ‘Snowdrop’ besties decided to show him some love on the set.

Jung Hae In will be starring alongside Go Kyung Pyo and Kim Hye Joon. The story will be following the mystery of a man who gets stuck with a group of organs hunters. Having no idea how he landed in a situation, the man becomes ‘connected’ with a person who has received an organ transplant. Not many things have been revealed about the upcoming k-drama yet. But hearing the dark plot, the fans are eagerly waiting for further announcements for the show.

jung hae in
Jung Hae In in front of the coffee truck.

‘Snowdrop’s Co-stars Visit The ‘Connect’ Set…

As Jung Hae In has already arrived on the set of his upcoming k-drama ‘Connect’. His Snowdrop co-stars have already been missing him. The girls decided to surprise the actor on set by showing him some support. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Kim Hye Yoon, Jung Shin Hye, and Jung Yi Seo went on to see Jung Hae In on the set of ‘Connect’. Not alone, but along with a coffee-and-churros truck. The huge coffee truck had Jung Hae In’s cute picture on the banner asking the fans to support the actor. While one of the banners said, “I’m warning you: be still, my heart… are we ‘Connect’-ed now? From the hostages (Hye Yoon, Hee Jin, Jisoo, Shin Hye, Yi Seo, Nam Joon, Dong Gu)”. The other one said, “Yum yum. Please enjoy this warm coffee and churros, everyone, and find strength!”

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Surprised by the visit and the gift, Jung Hae In went on to share the pictures on his Instagram. Making the fans melt with all the cuteness. In the pictures, the actors can be seen having fun as they pose in and around the truck. Thanking his co-stars and fans for the great gesture, Jung Hae In wrote on Instagram that this visit cheered him a lot. Paying respects to the late co-star Kim Mi Soo, the actor also shared that he won’t be able to forget for the rest of his life through Mi Soo’s idea. And will give his best at the set until the last day of the shoot.

jung hae in
Ji Soo Takes Jung Hae In’s Pictures

The Fans Call The ‘Snowdrop’ Family The Sweetest…

While fans are waiting for the new episodes of the ongoing k-drama ‘Snowdrop’. Hearing about the surprise visit, they are pleased to see that the ‘Snowdrop’ family is so close to each other. As the co-stars have been together longer than the usual drama shoot. With the k-drama being in the negative light for some long, the fans are really happy hearing some positive updates. Looking at Ji Soo taking pictures of Hae In, fans have been joking that it’s like a new hobby for Ji Soo. As Hae In has been giving the picture credit to Ji Soo in most of his new pictures on his Instagram account. Fans are happily appreciating Ji Soo’s photography skills.

While things seem to be going well for the k-drama, JTBC announced that they will be airing episode 15 and episode 16 on January 30 one after one. Currently having eleven episodes out, ‘Snowdrop’ was supposed to end on February 1. But keeping the Lunar New Year Holidays in mind, the channel decided to end the show a day before. And not leaving the fans on a cliffhanger for the ending they’ve been waiting for so long. Hearing the news, fans are already embracing themselves for a two-hour marathon for the ‘Snowdrop’.

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