JoJo Golden Wind Episode 9 – The Ten Billion Lire

Mista managed to defeat his enemy in the previous episode of JoJo Golden Wind. On top of that, Zucchero was also incapacitated by Buccerati. Will they finally reveal the location of the ten billion lire that they meant to do a few episodes ago? Here are the spoilers for JoJo Golden Wind episode 9.

The scene will start with Mista, Fugo, and Naracia trying to figure out what to do with Mista’s bullet wound. Although the bullet was taken care of, the bleeding won’t stop. Mista is a little annoyed because instead of giving him a first aid kit, the others will be gawking at his wound. Because they don’t have any supplies, Fugo used a stapler from his bag to staple the wound while Narancia will tape it. That takes care of everything, albeit not recommended by any professional doctor.

Jojo Golden Wind Episode 9 1

Buccerati thanked everyone who got involved in the hunting of two gangsters that almost killed them. He is about to reveal the position of the ten billion lire but two janitors started approaching the comfort room. Narancia started to confront them, telling the two janitors to go away and come back after they are done using the place. However, instead of backing away, one janitor will ask him if he’s Mr. Toilette. If he is Mr. Toilette, then the janitors will go away, but if he isn’t, then he doesn’t have any right to tell them to come back later. When Narancia tried to hurt the janitor, his dagger was pointed back at him. Just as when a real fight is about to ensue, Buccerati will stop Narancia. Why? Because the two janitors are no other than the Passione Officer Pericolo. They came to pick up the ten billion lire.

Jojo Golden Wind Episode 9

After a lot of hardship and a couple of episodes, Buccerati finally revealed the location of the Ten Billion lire. The hiding place is no other than the urinals of the comfort room behind them. Using Sticky Fingers, Buccerati retrieved the gold and gave it to Pericolo. He then became a capo on the spot.

The group will have a new mission right on the spot. Their mission is to protect the daughter of Passione’s CEO. The daughter is no other than the janitor who Narancia fought against. And that’s it for JoJo Golden Wind episode 9. Stay tuned for more spoilers.

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