Jiren’s Own Over-powered Meme Montage


Before you can have your own meme, you must have to do something very ridiculous, funny, amazing, or just simply badass. But you know, Jiren is just so overpowered that he doesn’t need to do any of these things. And just like his overwhelming power, his overwhelming memes comes naturally.

Folks from Facebook page “Goku” dropped these memes on their page and this creative series of pictures all show how powerful Jiren is. Most of the pictures are never combat related, which makes it even more interesting like this picture below. Folks from NASA would be interested.

No one can beat Jiren right now and the only one who can take a beating from him is Son Goku on his UI mode. Because of this, some fans are comparing him to Chuck Norris. A brilliant folk out there made the illustration easier by creating this picture. I haven’t seen something more accurate today than this one.

Hit got a point here, but then again, the Tournament of Power turned into a one on one battle royale. Even though teamwork was emphasized from the start, it was expected to turn like this.Nobody listens to Gohan anymore, that saddens me.

One of Jiren’s mystery is his lack of backstory. One day in Dragon Ball Super, Jiren just appeared and was preparing to beat everyone in the Tournament of Power, and no one can stop him. Who is Jiren? Why does he need the Super Dragon Ball? What is his motive? Let’s hire the Mystery Incorporated to solve this mystery… And whoah! That was unexpected.

Just kidding. I’d prefer that Jiren is based on someone we know you would want Goku to face. You know, that character from a gag anime that loves discounts and is weak against mosquitoes.

More pics for y’all folks. Feel free to add some more in the comments below.


Confirmed: Vegeta’s Major Fight Is Coming

Hey guys. Vegeta is one of the major characters of the Dragon Ball franchise. The Saiyan Prince needs very little introduction as he is adored by the entire Dragon Ball fan base. Vegeta has undergone a lot of changes throughout the series. He started as a villain then he changed into an anti-hero and then he became one of the stars of the show.

Since the start of Dragon Ball Super, we have seen Vegeta get his opportunities.

However, ever since the Tournament of Power began Vegeta looks to have fallen down the pecking order. But, fear not Vegeta fans, we’ve got some really good news for you. According to several reliable sources, Vegeta will soon be getting serious and ready to power up!
We will finally see Vegeta getting a serious fight. The sources have pointed out that Vegeta centred episodes will be coming out in December or January, or it may start in December and end sometime in January.

It is going to a time of pure ecstasy for the fans of the Saiyan Prince. We haven’t got any confirmation who Vegeta will be fighting in those episodes. A popular name that pops up is Jiren The Gray. However many people have divided…