Jane McDonald’s Dating History: All About The Television Presenter Personal Life

Jane McDonald's dating history
British Presenter Jane McDonald

Jane McDonald, the British presenter, has always liked to keep her relationships private. Likewise, Jane McDonald’s dating history is also not much complicated. It seems that she has truly given her heart to only one person throughout the years despite being married two times. Her love story with Ed Rothe will also prove that some people are meant for each other. Ed also loved Jane and died recently being with her. But, they never made it through to their marriage plans as he succumbed to lung cancer in 2021.

The presenter also had been married twice before getting engaged to Ed. However, her marriages did not last long. Her first marriage ended within one year of being married. Jane’s second marriage did last for four years. After that, she had been single for a few years before entering into a relationship with Ed in 2008. Their engagement also took place towards the end of 2008. However, she did not want to rush into marriage soon. So, they were delaying their marriage. Now, it could never happen, and she is still mourning the loss of her partner. 

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Jane McDonald’s Dating History

Jane McDonald’s dating history is quite simple. The television presenter was once married to Henrik Brixen for almost four years. After that, she dated Walter “Ed” Rothe. She was also married to another person before her marriage to Henry. They had been together for almost thirteen years until his death in 2021. Other than that, there are no other rumors or speculations of going out with anyone. Now, Jane is very much single and not dating anyone. In fact, she is still mourning the loss of her partner. She also kept his health issues a secret until the sudden announcement of his death. Furthermore, her partner, Rothe, was a private person. Likewise, she respected his privacy and keep her relationship away from the limelight.

Dating history of Jane McDonald
Presenter Jane McDonald with her partner, Ed Rothe

Jane McDonald’s Beautiful Love Story with Walter “Ed” Rothe

Jane McDonald’s love story with Walter “Ed” Rothe was indeed a beautiful and awe-inspiring one. It could seem that she formally begin a long-distance relationship with him in 2008. However, they had known each other way before since their teenage years. They only had casual flings during that time. But, fate has an unusual way of connecting two people who are meant to find each other. Jane and Ed’s love story is one such case where they again found each other years later. 

It was in 1980 when Jane first met Ed. She was working at Wakefield’s furniture store during that time with a pub on the side. Meanwhile, Liquid Gold, the pop band of Ed, came to perform at the pub. Both of them met at that place. The owner of the pub mentioned to her that the band’s drummer took an interest in her. She could not believe that and was shocked. Jane thought that she was just a Yorkshire’s naive teenager while he was a gorgeous pop star. Nevertheless, they went out for almost eighteen months. 

Jane and Ed Met Again in 2008

It took Jane and Ed more than two decades to meet again in 2008. Furthermore, Jane previously held out from the relationship during her teenage years as she thought that she was too proper and young to enjoy Ed’s lifestyle. Thus, she left him one day without finishing anything and never expected to see him again. Then, they again met in May 2008 coincidentally while working on Loose Women. Meanwhile, he also had an appearance nearby in a show. He immediately lifted her off the floor when he saw her and asked her where had she been. They also got engaged in that year itself.

Jane McDonald's Relationships
British Presenter Jane McDonald with her ex-husband, Henrik Brixen

The British Presenter Had Been Married Twice

Jane had married a man named Paul in 1986. They remained married for a year until their separation in 1987. The British presenter mentioned during an interview that Paul was a lovely man. She was at fault for the divorce. Thus, she let go of him quickly as she realized that thing without any further agony. In 1998, she married Henrik Brixen. They met during The Cruise’s shooting. However, their marriage lasted only for four years. They got separated in 2002. 

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